Biwenger NBA: how it works, scoring system and awards

This Christmas Biwenger has a very special gift for you. There are many of you who have asked for it. Today your wishes have come true, and we can say loud and clear yes,THE NBA LANDS IN BIWENGER !!

The best basketball league in the world could not miss in fantasy number 1, that’s why the NBA and Biwenger join forces to make Biwenger become OFFICIAL Fantasy of the NBA in Spain. Undoubtedly the best possible gift to enjoy this Christmas with a competition that kicks off next Tuesday, December 22.

Lebron James, Doncic, Antetokounmpo, Harden, Ricky Rubio, Marc Gasol… How many times have you dreamed of having so many stars together on your team? Well now Your dreams will come true!! Starting today You can create a league with your friends and start enjoying the official NBA Fantasy in an easy and intuitive way.

This is how Biwenger NBA works

Each day will last one week, the exact beginning of which you can see in the Calendar found in the Home tab. You must select in your lineup 5 starters, a sixth man and 4 reserves. All will score, although from the sixth man you will receive the 75% of their final score and of each of the 4 reserves the 50%. The points assigned to each player will be obtained through the average of all the matches played during that week. Also, the scoring system will be the official statistics of the NBA.

The winner will be the one with the highest number of points at the end of the season. In the event of a tie, the user with the highest Team Value will be the champion. Before the beginning of each week, the system will record the alignment and strategy established by the user. Only aligned players will receive points. The scoring system followed these rules according to official NBA statistics:

  • Scored point: 1 point.
  • Attendance: 1.5 points.
  • Rebound: 1.2 points.
  • Stealing the ball: 3 points.
  • Loss: -1 points.
  • Cap: 3 points.
  • Shot of two missed: -0.3 points.
  • Shot of three missed: -0.5 points.
  • Missed free kick: -0.5 points.
  • Personal foul: -2 points.

Do you think that’s it? Could not miss the Official NBA League of Biwenger in which you can compete against thousands of basketball lovers and You will have a prize if you finish in the top 10 at the end of the season, such as a virtual event with an NBA star.

Now it’s up to you to show that you are the king of the court. And remember, the best basketball in the world you live in Biwenger!



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