Bierhoff reveals: Löw wanted to know whether people still trust him

LHe can hold long monologues. He recently proved that in Leipzig. Oliver Bierhoff made a fiery plea for the German national team and spoke of a “dark cloud” hanging over it. On Friday afternoon, the director of the national teams gave a very extensive lecture on the elite selection of the German Football Association (DFB), whose team manager the 52-year-old is also.

Bierhoff sat in a room at the association’s headquarters in Frankfurt – it was the first public appointment for a member of the sports management since that Wednesday 16 days ago when the national team in Spain lost 6-0.

The last days were intense, exhausting and emotional, said Bierhoff at the beginning of the almost one-and-a-half-hour press conference before he let it be known that he would not speak “as a lawyer for Joachim Löw”. Still, the former striker said the 6-0 draw against Spain, which triggered the days of debates, would simmer. But an evaluation of a national coach and his staff cannot depend on a game.

From Bierhoff’s point of view, the goals were achieved

“That can’t be the yardstick. You have to look at it with foresight, ”said Bierhoff before talking about developments over the past two years. You have achieved predetermined goals, such as qualifying for the European Championship or remaining in Level A in the Nations League. He also noted that they lost only one of ten international matches in 2019 and eight in 2020. It seemed important to him to show that. As also the fact with regard to the further development of the sport that in the past international trips it was “simply difficult” to train tactical things because there was no time for them. However, competitors, some of which have performed better recently, also have these problems.

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When asked about the national coach, Bierhoff said that he was currently “not the most popular figure”. But it is currently extremely difficult: “What you do is rated somewhere, currently rather negative. We know that we have to improve – and that is only possible if you play well on the pitch, ”said Bierhoff. After the decision for Löw, there are no guarantees for a successful EM in 2021. “You never know before every tournament,” said Bierhoff. “I can understand the doubts too. When you sit there as a fan and you see that the trainer does not react the way you imagine. ”But he is convinced that Löw and his coaching staff will tackle the task“ fully committed ”. “You don’t have a guarantee. But I believe in it, ”said Bierhoff and let it be known that the team was behind the national coach. “The trend and the signs are clear that they will follow it,” said Bierhoff. “Is that a mess? I can absolutely negate that. These are great guys who like to come to us. “

After Bierhoff’s appearance on Friday, it remains to be seen whether the eliminated world champions Müller, Hummels and Boateng will return. “Jogi is not stubborn if he does not rely on players. He does things out of conviction. It makes him strong to take pressure. He follows his opinion, it doesn’t always have to be right, ”said Bierhoff. “The coaches will do what is best. So far they thought that was the best. It is important to consider all options on your part, how you want to build the new team. “

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Bierhoff, who has been working with Löw at the DFB since 2004, spoke of a “very open, professional relationship” with the coach. In 2018 in Russia, for example, he reported, he asked Löw if he had a problem with him. If so, he would do something else. Löw said no. Conversely, he told the coach at the time that it was normal in his function to look for alternatives.

Currently, however, Bierhoff emphasized, he had not spoken to any other coaches. He has confidence in Löw, for whom, according to Bierhoff, it is important “that he has the trust of the association”. This was told to him by the presidium on Monday – also explicitly at the request of the national coach, who asked the question of confidence. Bierhoff describes it as follows: “In the discussion on Monday Jogi made it clear: If someone is of the opinion that he is no longer the national coach, then one should say so. He has no problem with that. He’s been in the business long enough to know that a trainer is measured by results and trust. And when that is no longer there, you have to make the cut. But when he’s there, he wants to have the trust. “

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