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Barranquilla Tennis World Cup, with a youth Grand Slam category

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The Junior Tennis World Cup go up to the highest level of quality. The competition, which in 2021 will reach 38 editions, It will be played in the Grade A (GA) category, the same one held by the four Junior Grand Slam, (Australian Open, Wimbledon, Roland Garros and US Open).

The news was announced this Wednesday by David Samudio Gómez, president of the Colombian Tennis Federation, who was in charge of raising the request to the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

“Barranquilla will host for the first time in its history a GA category tournament, giving 500 points to the champion. This ascent is a very important achievement for Colombia and South America From many aspects: the Barranquilla Cup tournament has been held in our country for more than 35 years, it has seen on its courts those who are today the best professionals in the world and, without a doubt, it is a tournament of great category and relevance to the calendar World Youth ”, commented Samudio Gómez.

“There were 39 cities behind that distinction, but Barranquilla earned it. This is a quiet job that we have been doing with the president of the Colombian Tennis Federation ”, said Juan Abuchaibe Amastha, president of the Atlantic Tennis League

“There are only six tournaments around the world that have the Grade A category (outside of the Grand Slam, Olympics and Finals): the Banana Bowl (Brazil), the Yucatán Youth World Cup (Mexico), the Orange Bowl (United States), the Osaka Mayor’s Cup (Japan), the Bonfiglio Trophy (Italy) and the TSA of Cape Town (South Africa), the latter inaugurated in 2019 ”, explained the Fedecoltenis in a publication on its website.

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Since its inception in 1983, the Barranquilla World Cup had been Grade 1, the fourth most important level of the international youth circuit. This distinction and the cancellation of the Australian Junior Open due to the coronavirus pandemic, opens the ‘Golden Door’ to the best of the best in youth tennis.

“We are living in a time of unprecedented difficulty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which unfortunately has produced massive cancellations of fundamental events for the growth of youth tennis players in the world, including the Australian Junior Open. In this way, the GA Copa Barranquilla tournament opens a door of very important growth for young tennis players, ”said Samudio Gómez.

The Fedecoltenis explained that for the acceptance of the application “Barranquilla’s great facilities were essential for an event of this magnitude. The District Racket Park has the relevant facilities to host a Grade A tournament, a hotel offer in the vicinity, an international airport and a city that has shown impeccable work against COVID-19 and that has lately been launched as an attraction tourist for locals and foreigners. In addition, Barranquilla has hosted events of great magnitude such as the Davis Cup and the Central American and Caribbean Games ”, among others.

The 38th edition of the Junior Tennis World Cup will be held at the Racket Park between January 23 and 31. The South American Tour will begin here, which will then go through the Grade 1 tournaments of Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and the Grade A Banana Bowl.


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