Ant after the loss of “Dinamo”: Everything is in the heads of the players – KHL – Hockey

It has already been reported that the home of Riga “Dinamo” with 5: 6 (3: 1, 1: 1, 1: 3, 0: 1) gave way to the “Sochi” team in overtime, experiencing the fourth loss in a row.

Roberts Bukarts, Jevgēņijs Gračovs, Gļebs Zirjanovs, Ernests Ošenieks and Lauris Dārziņš scored in the Riga team.

Head coach Pēteris Skudra once again pointed to the psychology of the team, because otherwise it is difficult to explain the outcome of such a match, which for a moment even had a three-goal advantage.

“I don’t know which time we’re already playing like this! Maybe some 25,” Skudra asked rhetorically with regret. “It will play for two periods, but then within ten minutes give up the game …”

“As the leaders started the third period, we also played the first ten minutes – unfortunately,” added Skudra. “It’s neither a tactic nor a physics. We have to play for the team’s result. We’ve talked about it countless times. We have to do the right things.”

As an example, Skudra cited the incomprehensible actions of hockey players in the third period, when the puck was thrown away at the earliest opportunity, rather than being saved as in the previous two periods. Such aspects point to the weakness of psychological readiness.

“Five goals scored and also lost. It’s hard to comment on anything. It’s all in the players’ heads,” the specialist was convinced. “I think we played one of the best games of the season in the first two periods, but we can’t play in this league the way we did at the end.”

After this match, “Dinamo” will go on a field trip, where on the last three even dates of the year will compete with Minsk “Dinamo”, Nizhny Novgorod “Torpedo” and Moscow “Spartak” units. The people of Riga will start 2021 with four home games in a row.

“Dinamo” with 16 points in 36 matches ranks last among 11 Western conference clubs and is the weakest team in the whole league. “Sochi” in the penultimate position of the West has spent more than a fight, is 12 points away.

Last season, “Dinamo” took the penultimate place in the Western Conference and in the entire league, not qualifying for the Gagarin Cup for the sixth year in a row.




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