Alajuelense breaks the drought and is Tico soccer champion with Alex López as a figure! – Ten

7 long years had to pass, but finally the Alajuelense Sports League is soccer champion of Costa Rica, with the Honduran Alex Lopez as featured in the grand final before Herediano.

Alajuelense he beat the ‘team’ 2-0 on aggregate and achieved his thirtieth roar as a monarch in the league, also making him the champion in a tournament that will remain for the most appreciated red and black history.

The technician Andrés Caravic accomplished the feat. He returned the handymen to the highest place on the podium, who after 6 lost finals in the last 13 championships, finally managed to savor the glory on the maximum Costa Rican circuit.

In a tough match, the League He was able to manage the match times at his convenience, safeguarding his minimal advantage achieved in the first leg. Alajuelense managed to surpass Herediano at all times with and without the ball, especially after taking distances at half an hour into the game with a formidable score from the forward Jonathan Moya.

At the beginning of the complement, events continued to be favorable for the Alajuela squad. The Costa Rican lions managed to nullify any dangerous approach of the Herediano in what remained of the meeting, despite the fact that the ‘team’ entered all its offensive armory in the field of Morera Soto.

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12 ‘minutes from the end, the expulsion of Ruiz buried the grave of the Herediano by staying with one less, leaving the party ready for him Alajuelense It was enough for him to be solid in defense and to handle the midfield in a great way to be able to win the return final and stay with the Apertura 2020 tournament.

At the end of the meeting, Alex Lopez He was named the most valuable player of the match after directing with a perfect symphony a manuda orchestra that did not clash in the most important function of the last red and black years. The Honduran finally became the Tico soccer champion after two painful previous runners-up.

In this way, the manudo team closes 2020 with a flourish after being the team that accumulated the most points in the regular season with 37 units in 16 games. Subsequently, his performance did not decline and he achieved 10 of 12 points between the semifinal and final series.

After 7 years, the handymen achieved their long-awaited 30th championship, breaking the curse and ridicule once and for all. With this new conquest, he approaches Saprissa who holds 35 leagues, and separates a little from Herediano chasing you with 28.

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FINAL! Alajuelense breaks the drought and becomes champion of the Liga Promerica after overcoming 2-0 on aggregate at Herediano. The League wins his long-awaited 30th championship.

BREAK! The League The first half ends with the partial 1-0 and everything indicates that there will be a party at the Morera Soto after 7 years of waiting, if something extraordinary does not happen. Alajuelense leads the aggregate 2-0 in the face of the complement.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF ALAJUELENSE! The ‘9’ manudo Jonathan Moya leads 1-0 to League at 31 ‘minutes, after a choppy header that made it impossible for the goalkeeper to tackle Bryan sure of the Herediano.

Alajuelense Sports League currently beats 1-0 at Club Sport Herediano in the first half of the 2020 Apertura return final in Costa Rica. The hands lead the global 2-0 and with this result they would take the championship.

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This is the starting eleven for Alajuelense, leader of the regular tournament in Costa Rica. Ruiz and López they command the midfield manudo.

Herediano nothing is saved for this high voltage game. The ‘team’ will seek to extend the Tico championship to two more games.

Following the 0-1 win in the first leg, Alajuelense He can break his 7-year drought without a championship if he manages to win on aggregate, since failing to do so would require another two finals games.

The Honduran Alex Lopez next to the captain Bryan Ruiz, seek to get the long-awaited title number 30 for the League, but for that they must first overcome Herediano, who has beaten them in four finals since their last conquest.

La Liga is champion

-Winning by any marker
-Winning in overtime or penalties (if they lose 0-1 they go to overtime and even penalties).

Herediano could force another final like this

-Winning by 2-1, 2-3, 3-4 and so on …
-Winning by 2 or more goals and that Alajuelense does not score.
-Winning overtime or penalties if they win 1-0 in the 90s.




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