After a stalemate, NHL, NHLPA agree to maintain the economic framework of the new CBA

Quick update on a Monday evening:

The NHL and NHLPA will continue to negotiate protocols for the 2020-21 season but have agreed that the economic framework of the newly negotiated CBA will not be changed.

Last month, the NHL urged players to consider increasing the deferrals and escrow caps at certain points in the agreement. The players reacted negatively, making it clear that they would not consider touching the escrow.

According to several sources, they were willing to defer additional funds – in exchange for what they thought was a reasonable concession. For example, one of the suggestions was to raise the salary cap slightly to put more money into the system. (Yes, that could increase how much players will ultimately owe to make up for the 50/50 split, but with escrow caps, this isn’t a huge issue for the current group.)

No agreement could be reached and both sides decided to move on.

What’s next? Both sides continue to work on the protocols for 2020-21. Training camps, opt-outs, tests, schedule, playoffs, realignment, whatever you call it.

Goals include a start of the season on January 13th, with non-playoff teams reporting on December 28th and others reporting on January 1st. Exhibition games are not likely. I believe there is a short term “hub plan” that is being worked on just in case, but that is not the preference. The biggest headache could be training camp schedules in places like Montreal, San Jose, Arizona, and Winnipeg, which have severe current restrictions due to COVID-19.

It sounds like there is a desire to have something done to be voted on by the end of the week, but the board of governors and the players. We’ll see where this leads, but the financial discussions are over.



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