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Acuto di Dagnello in the test against Senigallia

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It is a test harbinger of many indications and excellent news the one who on the evening of Wednesday 30 December supported Cesena against Senigallia, a formation included in group C1, the only one from the Marche to face the Veneto teams in the league. Given the 3 away games, compared to the 4 played so far with 2 points up for grabs, the objectives of the joint training, this is the precise denomination at the time of Covid, were to make the bianconeri tigers play on their own field and offer Di Lorenzo the opportunity to take stock of the hard work planned in this break period, spent more in the gym than next to the Christmas tree.

Work pays off at Tigers. Andrea Dagnello knows something about it who, in a post-Christmas test in which the Christmas boys had to have very little, especially in terms of attitude on the field, plows through the Carisport parquet with the desire to prove something and puts 29 points in his pocket with a full of self-esteem to be preserved and used starting from January 6 when we return to play for the colon. Good responses also from Chiappelli and Borsato, inserted by coach Di Lorenzo in the quintet of the decisive third quarter. It is in fact with them, together with Battisti, Dagnello and Dell’Agnello, that Cesena shows its best face and closes the set at 24-11 for an overall 59-46. Previously, the balance of the first two quarters had still shown some rust and some problems already known regarding the construction of the game, with only Dagnello giving a hint of his firepower scoring his first 10 points. . Cesena also runs away in the first half of the last quarter, then giving space to the guest comeback with the 5 minutes granted to the very young Germans, Alessandrini and Cesare Casali from Cesena. The “new” signing Matteo Frassineti is also warming up, proving that he is already in tune with the team and eager to find his championship pace.

Tigers Cesena – Goldengas Senigallia basketball 82-68 (19-21; 16-14; 24-11; 23-22)

Tigers Cesena: Dagnello 29, Trapani 2, Battisti 4, Borsato 14, Alessandrini 4, Frassineti 8, Tedeschi 1, Marini 5, Chiappelli 10, Dell’Agnello 5, Casali. All .: DI Lorenzo. Ass .: Belletti and Ruggeri.

Goldengas Senigallia: Pierantoni 15, Giacomini 2, Centis 8, Gurini 6, Cicconi Massi 6, Moretti 4, Pozzetti 11, Peroni 16, Serrani, Giunta, Giuliani, Terenzi. Herds Paolini.

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