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Academic achievement from national athlete Tuana Coşkun »Merkez Politics

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Turkey’s “sustainable education” with the philosophy in all areas of achievement goal “holistic” Adopting an education and foreign language education at native level, recognized for its support of social activities and sporting activities within the elite educational institutions Florya Ugur College High School students, online training courses during and with his athlete success, he won a very valuable study abroad scholarship.

Tuana and her family encourage children to engage in sports at an early age, especially beneficial for their health and development, and Emphasizing that students should continue to do sports together with their online courses, especially during the pandemic period, our students are excited and proud of representing our country all over the world with their sports and academic success. they shared.

Tuana Coşkun, an idealist and successful student and a determined national athlete, basketball player, “During the pandemic process, I did not stop working disciplined and training in the online course system. I have no difficulty in continuing my education abroad with the foreign language education I received at Florya Uğur College, which saves me a lot of time especially during the pandemic period.

Thanks to the language education I received at my school, I was able to immediately start my native English lessons at Rabun Gap. Currently, we have started our online lessons at Rabun Gap. And right now, I have no difficulty in my native English-speaking classes in distance education. We communicate with my teachers in the USA every day. After the pandemic, I will continue my education and sports life in America. My biggest dream is to continue basketball in the NBA. I am making all my plans by working for my dreams with my family. I would also like to express my gratitude to my school, family, teachers and friends for their encouragement and continued support.” said.


Uğur College Board Member DR. Selen Balkaya “Florya Uğur College Anatolian High School 10th grade student Tuana Coşkun started her education with the athlete and academic achievement scholarships she won. At Rabun Gap, one of the distinguished schools in the state of Georgia, USA continues. The success journey of our student, who received approximately 2 million TL worth of scholarships, started with his application to “Rabun Gap” for a “basketball athlete scholarship”. The outstanding talent of our student, who is also a basketball player at Galatasaray Sports Club, is “Rabun Gap“School officials and noticed by the coach of the basketball team and received great admiration. Our student also receives general academic achievement scholarship how successful he is in the academic field has shown. With an area of ​​508 decares especially besides his academic success, Rabun Gap, Successful training method supported by outdoor activities, including indoor and outdoor sports It is one of the distinguished schools known for its successful education and superior support to its students in many important details such as the space laboratory and art workshops, in academic and pedagogical terms. We congratulate our student and wish him success in his next education and training life. Our student Tuana, this is important scholarship opportunities by evaluating 50% academic success and 50% discipline and success in sports life. won. During the pandemic period, we encourage our students not to interrupt their training at home, especially if they are doing sports as a professional player, continue their hobbies by accompanying all sports activities from home, even as a hobby, and establish free time during the day. We are always proud of them and will always be As Florya Uğur College, we are the supporters of our students’ dreams.” said.

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