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A1 series basketball, 2020 ends well for Magnolia Campobasso: return to success in Lucca

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LUCCA: Russo 13 (4/7, 1/2), Harper 8 (3/10), Pastrello 5 (0/2, 1/2), Tunstull 6 (2/6), Jakubcova 13 (5/10, 1 / 4); Dull 2 ​​(1/3, 0/2), Orsili 7 (3/3, 0/4), Miccoli 14 (5/6, 2/2). Ne: Azzi, Cibeca, Pallotta and Farnesi. All.: Iurlaro.

CAMPOBASSO: Bonasia 5 (1/3, 1/4), Gorini 16 (1/3, 4/7), Wojta 10 (4/8, 0/1), Bove 2 (1/2), Ostarello 22 (5 / 8, 4/5); Marangoni 8 (1/2, 2/2), Sanchez 11 (1/2, 2/5), Mancinelli 2 (1/1, 0/2), Quiñonez 7 (2/3, 1/1). Ne: Giardina and Egwoh. All.: Sabatelli.

REFEREES: Di Toro (Perugia), Miniati (Florence) and Bettini (Ravenna).

NOTE: free throws: Lucca 10/15; Campobasso 7/8. Rebounds: Lucca 40 (Jakubcova 11); Campobasso 25 (Ostarello 9). Assist: Lucca 18 (Russo 5); Campobasso 23 (Wojta 7). Score progression: 11-11 (5 ‘), 27-29 (15’), 38-50 (25 ‘), 56-65 (35’). Maximum advantage: Lucca 4 (8-4); Campobasso 19 (64-83).

In the land of Puccini a high note worthy of the ‘I will win’, climax of the aria ‘Nessun dorma’ among the most popular passages in the ‘Turandot’. La Molisana Magnolia Campobasso closes the calendar year 2020 in the best way possible, simultaneously debunking the taboo that saw the #fiorid Acciaio leave the field with some regrets in the matches played during the Christmas period and the series of five consecutive yellow scores which, also thanks to the numerous injuries, had characterized the last period of the rossoblùs that bring home the fourth success of the season (the second with the uniform glamour, travel companion in matches away from the Arena).

ADAGIO ANDANTE The start of the rossoblù still has some uncertainty in the score. Lucca tries to escape, but the magnolias respond blow by blow with Wojta (eight points in the first quarter alone) and Ostarello who are the main references at the start of the offensive maneuver of the magnolias. Gorini, with a triple, gives the inertia to #fiorid Acciaio who, with Carolina Sanchez’s free throws, and the basket with a personal action at the edge of the siren by Marangoni put two possessions of margin between them and their opponents (19- 25).

CRESCENDO ROSSINIANO Lucca is not there and, at the start of the second period, he also manages to put his head forward. Here, however, Quiñonez first and a triple from Ostarello then, as well as the indications in the time-out of coach Mimmo Sabatelli, keep Campobasso in the waterline who, with another five points in an amen of his very young South American, maintains the gap of six points of margin in your favor at the height of the long interval.

TOUCH AND RUN The return from the changing rooms sees a new effort from Lucca. Ostarello, with another three-point basket, and Gorini from the line of free throws push their opponents back behind. And it is still the long American with an Italian passport (with a realization on the siren) and the external Capitoline to bring the Campobassane to have a double-digit margin on the opponents. The Tuscans try to raise their heads, but Sanchez and Bonasia (with a sortie from the arc of six meters and seventy-five) make the #fiorid Acciaio sail: at 30 ‘the magnolias can count on an advantage of nine lengths (50-59) .

RADETZKY MARCH The last quarter thus takes on the tones of a (real) ‘triumphal march’ for the rossoblù quintet.

Lucca, in the second game after the break of almost two months due to the positivity at Covid-19, tries to return again, but the series of triples of Ostarello (top scorer of the evening at an altitude of 22) and a pure juggling basket by Sanchez they destroy any possibility of equilibrium. The magnolias close with four elements in double figures, another two with a single ten-point possession and all nine rotations capable of ‘dirtying’ the scoresheet.

MASTER CONCERTATOR A melody for the eyes and hearts of the rossoblù supporters and – at the same time – for the coach of the Campobassane Mimmo Sabatelli.

“Luck had to turn – explains – I said so. We are coming out of an incredible period and even before the race I told the girls that they had to be proud of what they did because they had fully committed themselves to the cause despite all the problems. In Lucca, albeit still without Tikvić, our championship began and this race showed the philosophy behind the construction of this group during the summer: that is to have a deep staff available with different options that can be used during the comparison. The value of this group is different from what the ranking says and we will do everything in the coming year to try to move up the rankings. The dedication? The dedication? To the company first of all that has always been close to us and that has worked further on the market, to the medical staff who have worked tirelessly, to the technical staff always on the spot, to the simply commendable girls and to all the people who are close to our reality ».

MUSICAL PAUSE The campobassane, now, will return to the field with the new year on 10 January, when they will receive the visit of the penultimate of the Vigarano class at the Arena with the opportunity to fully insert another ‘first violin’ in the orchestra, such as Tikvić, the pivot of the Croatian national team that will reach Campobasso on New Year’s Day.

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