a striker would have gone to the clash to join the Greens!

Zapping But! Football Club ASSE: the debrief of the match against FC Metz

While the Winter Mercato has not yet officially opened its doors, has ASSE already found the scorer that Claude Puel misses so much? If we are to believe the information from Egypt, it seems so. Yesterday, we relayed the information from KingFut, announcing an offer of 3.5 million euros for the 23-year-old striker who plays at Zamalek. But in reality, the file would be much more complex than that.

Several sites including EG24 evoke a strong forcing of the player to leave his club and join ASSE. This Saturday morning, Mostafa Mohamed would have even requested an interview with a club leader to facilitate his departure. In the background, the player has not been training for a few days. If a leader mentioned back problems and treatment to resolve it, the Egyptian sites rather see a player skipping sessions to push his club to accept his departure.


Mohamed wants a start this winter

In addition, the former Zamalek player Ahmed Eid Abdelmalek made revelations about the player’s departure desires. “I spoke with Mostafa Mohamed, he insists on going to play abroad. He does not want to wait for the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer, he says his luck could be over by then, ”said the compatriot of the Egyptian striker. ASSE therefore seems to be awaiting a file which depends on the goodwill of the Egyptian club, which has set a bar at 5 million euros.


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