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[단독] Shuttlecock national team participated in international competitions after 10 months… 3 competitions in Bangkok in January

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Before the Corona 19 pandemic came, badminton national players were training in Jincheon Athlete’s Village. Jincheon/Yonhap News

[스포츠서울 김경무전문기자] The Korean badminton team, which was tied up by the Corona 19 pandemic, will compete in the international competition in 10 months.

According to the Korea Badminton Association, the national team led by the new coach Kim Choong-hoe (54) will depart for Thailand on January 2nd next year by Korean Air. This is to compete in three competitions, including the Open Competition and the World Tour Final, which will be held consecutively in Bangkok, Thailand in January. The last tournament the national team participated in this year was the National Open in March.

The World Badminton Federation (BWF) held’Yonex Thailand Open’ for 7 days from January 12 to 17, and’Toyoda Thailand Open’ for 5 days from January 19 to 24, and from January 27 It was decided to hold the ‘2020 BWF World Tour Final’, which was not held this year for 5 days until the 31st.

The national team participating in this event consisted of coach Kim Choong-hoe, coaches Young-soo Jang and Ji-yeon Kim, who specialize in men’s and women’s singles, and 13 athletes. The athletes are among the world’s top ranked athletes, who are exempted from the national selection and are highly likely to compete in the Olympics.

Gwang-hee Heo (Samsung Life) in men’s singles, Ji-Hyun Seong (Incheon International Airport) in women’s singles (Incheon International Airport) Se-young Ahn (Gwangju Gymnasium) Ga-eun Kim (Samsung Life Insurance), Seung-jae Seo (Samsung Life Insurance) in men’s singles-Sol-Gyu Choi (Yonex) in women’s singles International Airport)-Gong Hee-yong (Jeonbuk Bank), Lee So-hee (Incheon International Airport)-Shin Seung-chan (Incheon International Airport), Jang Ye-na (Gimcheon City Hall)-Kim Hye-rin (Incheon International Airport) to be.

The squad is making thorough preparations, including testing for Corona 19 and flight suitability for this event. When entering Thailand, an official of the association explained that they had to stay in isolation for a week and prepare for the competition while relaxing in the training grounds provided in the hotel.

Earlier, four players of the table tennis team (Jung Young-sik, Jang Woo-jin, Jeon Ji-hee, Seo Hyo-won) broke through Corona 19, and the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Women’s World Cup and Men’s World Cup, which were held consecutively in Weihai and Macau, China for one month last November, and the ITF World Tour Finals, newly established. He has participated in four competitions, including WTA (World Table Tennis) Macau.

The Badminton Association initially tried to exhibit prospects who are among the top 30 in the world rankings in addition to 13, but they have excluded them because they are planning to hold the national team selection postponed due to Corona 19 from January 18 to 23 next year. It is according to the decision of the Competition Performance Improvement Committee (Representing Chairman Lee Sang-chun). The hosting of Muan County has not been finalized yet. We need to keep an eye on the progress of Corona 19.

However, as the Thai tournament and the national team selection were overlapped at the same time, several problems arose. In order to compete for the national team, coaches Bae Bae-dae, Kim Yong-hyun, and Lee Kyung-won, who are coaches specializing in doubles, will not accompany the Thai tournament. Even for doubles players, singles coaches have to look at the bench.

Regarding this, an official from an unemployment team said, “It is a crisis situation in which the COVID-19 quarantine may be upgraded to three stages. Do we have to force the national team to compete? This is why the singles coach will sit on the doubles player’s bench at the next Thai tournament.” They also presented critical opinions. [email protected]


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