Vendée Globe: “I still manage to marvel”

Engaged in the Vendée Globe with The fabric, his monohull with “foils”, Alan Roura is currently 18e in the general classification of the round the world solo sailing race. He crossed the equator on Friday. In his “free time” on board, the 27-year-old sailor, who is racing his second Vendée Globe (he had finished 12e in 2016-2017), finds the time to write and, above all, to draw. For “Le Monde”, here is his first text and his first drawing.

” And here. Not easy for me to take advantage of the beauties offered by this start of a world tour. A complicated start to the race with goodbyes behind closed doors, a slow start after a training season disrupted by the pandemic, unusual weather systems and wind and sea conditions that my boat The fabric don’t like more than that.

I take my trouble patiently, I try to project myself towards the South Seas, where my sailboat can fully express its potential. The objective by then will therefore be not to be too far behind, to be able to catch up behind.

So, in the meantime, I try despite everything to take advantage of what surrounds me: these charged and changing skies so characteristic of the Doldrums, this zone of convergence between winds of the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere, these nocturnal thunderstorms, these starry nights, these sunrises and sunsets which are already starting to look alike but which are all very different. How beautiful our Earth is …

I’ve seen it all hundreds of times, sometimes I’m afraid of getting bored one day, of becoming “jaded”, that the competition will take over.

But in fact no, even there, screaming in frustration, giving everything on board to move forward, I still manage to marvel. “

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