Carlos Antonio Vélez made the complaints of Nacional fans more visible that this Saturday brought to light the messages of a member of the Disciplinary Committee of Dimayor, the entity that issues sanctions for Colombian soccer players.

Throughout the morning, the green fans expressed their dissatisfaction with Francisco Bernate being on this Committee because on his personal Twitter account he has many messages against Atlético Nacional.

The veteran journalist took some of those pictures of the lawyer against the green team and wrote: “The Dimayor and the Colombian Soccer Federation must explain why an anti-National activist is a member of a Commission that judges players and teams … The trills of his account do not speak well of his impartiality!”

Here are some of the messages from the fans …

Dimayor’s response to criticism

After endorsing Jarlan Barrera and Andrés Andrade for the match against America, the highest Colombian soccer body backed Franciso Bernate’s decisions and, together with the other members of the Disciplinary Committee, decided that he had no impediment.

Carlos Antonio Vélez also criticized this decision and in another Twitter message He expressed that “they do not know where they are standing or who is breathing next to them.”


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