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Tom Brady admits poor performance on long passes

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By signing with Tampa Bay, was asked Bruce Arians and Tom Brady It would fit into his system that usually looks for deep passes down the field and that led to Jameis Winston winning the passing yards title in 2019 (5,109). Defending the hiring of the team, the strategist summarized that the veteran passer’s arm was in the ideal conditions to execute them.

According to Michael Baca, of NFL Network, Brady completed one of his 13 attempts for 20 or more yards in the last three games. Without any problem, the quarterback acknowledged his mistakes: “It definitely needs to be done. Our guys are doing a great job on their deep trajectories and it’s my job to find them and complete the pass. As you know, if I don’t hit them, they end up like foul fly lengths, and we had some of those in the last game. “, he used baseball as a reference.

Meanwhile, receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, who were selected to the Pro Bowl last season, have suffered setbacks during the current schedule related to injuries. Godwin has missed four games on the year.

At 43, Brady may not bring the same arm strength, but he’s in a better position than his last two years at New England when it comes to sending accuracy. Also, having at his disposal a corps of receivers with greater preparation and recognition, Brady has thrown for 23 touchdown passes, remaining one from tying the 2019 personal number.

Next Sunday, Brady and the Buccaneers have a major challenge against the Rams. Coming from scoring 46 points and adding 544 total yards at the home of Carolina Panthers, the team’s offensive coordinator, Byron Leftwich, trying to motivate his players, said they have “faced better defenses.”

Brady: Donald, possibly the best manager in history

Brady, on the other hand, acknowledges the difficulty the next game: “Well, he’s one of the top 10 defenders in each category. Aaron Donald he’s so good that he’s possibly the best I’ve ever played in a National Football League defense. Is incredible. Explosive, fast, powerful. His production is amazing even with double and triple scores against him. Never give up. He works very hard. You can say that football means a lot to him. It really ignites the spark of complete defense. “

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Absent in the last practice of the week, but not due to injury, as Brady pointed out, Donald is the leader of a fearsome defense, capturing nine quarterbacks this season, just half a sack behind Myles Garrett, NFL leader in that department.

At Raymond James Stadium he will face the league’s sixth best offense in points (29.6) against the second best defense (18.7).

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