This is a Junior game without fans

Without the color and bustle of the fans, ehe football in the midst of the pandemic is more a wake than Carnival.

Before the ball rolls, a real minute of silence for the death of Diego Maradona. That is true in these times. Silence reigns until applause and the last words of encouragement echo throughout the stadium.

Nothing more to wait. The initial whistle sounds more than ever and to play and listen to it was said. Everything that the players, coaches and referees yell at each other on the field, scolding, encouragement, congratulations, recommendations, instructions, claims, everything, comes clearly to the very few attendees (cameramen, photographers, producers, journalists, logistics personnel, staff of Conmebol, Red Cross). Here there is no false ambient sound of television broadcasts.

“Possession, guys! Possession!”, He constantly remembered Juan Pablo Vojvoda, the Argentine coach of Unión La Calera. “Come on we won it! Looking for the goal! ”, He said excitedly after his team managed to equalize 1-1.

Perea shouted less, but made herself understood with signs and closer dialogues with her pupils. And surely he heard a logistics man who couldn’t control his fan emotions and in a moment of urgency yelled at him: “Aha, Perea, move the bank!”. Carmelo Valencia and other emerging players who were heating up below immediately turned up to see who had broken the stillness. The DT was not distracted from his role.

One of the loudest moments occurred in the plays in which the VAR intervened. “Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! ” Viera raged alerting the referee for the play in which Miguel Borja called for a penalty.

Interesting at first to clearly hear what the protagonists of the game rectangle say to each other, but later it is impossible to miss the essence of football, the emotions and the roar of the monster with thousands of heads.

In each offensive play by Junior, which would have made the rojiblanca fans explode with enthusiasm or lament, it was when they missed the most. As much as the substitutes of each team get up and echo with their celebrations and demands in unison, it is not the same. It will never be the same. Football without an audience is like a party without music.




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