The Sacyr Asobal League continues to suffer the rigors of the coronavirus

When it seemed that the Sacyr Asobal League was coming back and could pick up a more or less normal rhythm of game disputes, the twelfth day has suffered a few postponements again. There are not seven as it happened weeks ago, but not one as planned, in the case of Puerto Sagunto-Sinfín.

And it is that the coronavirus has not wanted to give that truce to the domestic competition, in which it has sneaked through the Spanish team. This played a game in Hungary and then was concentrated in Lliria. On Monday, the Veszprem announced the positive of Jorge Maqueda. As a precaution, Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas and Raúl Entrerríos were not called up on Tuesday by Barça.

The same day Bidasoa Irun announced the positive of a player although, following the line of recent weeks, he did not reveal his identity. What he did do was request the postponement of his match against Benidorm, which was to mean his return to Artaleku forty days later.

Meanwhile, in León they also saw a danger of contagion, since Rubén Marchán and Jaime Fernández were under Jordi Ribera’s orders last week, and preferred not to travel to Huesca, a wish that was accepted by the National Competition Committee of the Spanish Federation. The aforementioned body is having a lot of work in recent weeks and yesterday he had to determine one more postponement, that of the match between Logroño and Granollers, at the request of the Vallesano club due to suspicions of contagion.

El Bidasoa, to Pontevedra?

The Bidasoa Irun intends to travel to Pontevedra tomorrow to visit the newly promoted Cisne on Saturday, provided that two conditions are met: Have the approval of the health authorities and that the tests they will carry out today are negative.

The team is at a crossroads: to one side, the game against Swan and two at home next week. Towards the other, the threat of the coronavirus and a new confinement of the entire workforce.




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