The lion is not mine, Vémola admitted. Elsa’s future is not in his hands

“I never said he would return to the wilderness. That’s pretty unrealistic, and only people who don’t understand can say it. “ Vémola put things right in the conversation and then explained the words.

“Can you imagine what it would cost to load her on a plane, take her to Africa and start teaching her to hunt? Despite the fact that she could starve to death or be eaten by something in the wilderness, “he described.

He took the vémol of a lion cub from Dr. Terezia Holovská, who found two abandoned lionesses left to fend for themselves in a paper box. He offered to take care of Elsa temporarily, but it didn’t matter what happened to the wild beast. She is only a godfather and the real word is the real owner.

“I want to create the best possible living conditions for her. That decision (about her future) doesn’t matter to me. I’m not her owner. She is not mine, she belongs to Dr. Holovská, “

Holovská has a lioness Maruška with her, which, according to the wrestler Elsa, she can’t stand. That is why Vémola takes temporary care of her, finances her diet and veterinary examinations until the owner builds a 1,500-meter enclosure where the lionesses can coexist. A building permit and all necessities are currently awaited.

“Until she builds the huge lion kingdom under Kokořín, on which she works, I promised to take care of Elsa and then return her. If the doctor decides to put her somewhere, that’s her decision. Like it or not, it’s not my lion. “ Vémola continued.

One who does not publicly approve of lioness breeding is the wrestler Viktor Pešta, who, like Vémola, worked in the UFC. He recently commented on the situation on social networks.

“It’s no secret that I don’t approve of Carlos Vémola having a lioness at home. He himself claims that it is only a temporary measure, that he is looking for a new home for him, and he even challenged me to give a suggestion on what to do with her instead of stupid bullshit, “Pest started on Instagram.

He also offered Carlos a solution in the article and sent a contact to an organization that would take on the lion cub. “Now it’s up to you to show if he meant it and you really want to put it among the other lions,” the label says.

Vémola has already explained that the decision about Elsa’s future does not belong to him, even if he does not intend to seek advice from Pest. “I will definitely not confess to any Pest who does not know who is beating, what I will do with her and where to put her,” commented the competitor’s contribution to Nova TV and also commented for the last time on a potential cage encounter:

“If he held the title at 93 kg, then I would go take it from him. But until then, no one will ask me about the match. Nobody cares. He hasn’t done anything since he dropped out of the UFC. In addition to having the h * bu broken by my training partner Michal Martínek. That was my last comment on Pest. Because every time I comment on it, it gets visible. If I keep quiet, no one will know in a year who Pest was. “




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