The day Michael Jordan cheated to beat an old woman

Michael Jordan no toleraba perder (Reuters)

Micheal Jordan was always described as a competitive animal and if anyone had any doubts, the documentary miniseries The Last Dance which premiered this year and reviews its stay in the Chicago Bulls makes it clear that this definition is more than accurate. The former star of the NBA He has always stood out for being hungry for glory every season with his team, but in his private life it was not much different.

After the success of the series broadcast on Netflix and produced in part by ESPN, dozens of anecdotes about the former basketball player have been viralized that help to understand how his brain worked when facing any challenge. One of these sensational stories was told by the American journalist Chuck Klosterman a year ago and at this time it was replicated by several users on social networks.

“There is a famous story about Michael Jordan visiting the home of his teammate in North Carolina, Buzz Peterson. While playing a casual card game with Peterson’s mother, Jordan he tried to cheat while the old woman used the bathroom, “said the ESPN journalist.

“This is often used as an example of what he did to Jordan so amazing; I would do absolutely anything to win, regardless of the circumstances. And since the character in this anecdote is MJ, the story is lovely, “he said.

Michael Jordan is considered one of the best players of all time

Michael Jordan is considered one of the best players of all time

It is that the former NBA star did not tolerate losing in any aspect of life. There are even viral videos that show him playing in the neighborhoods in front of strangers, for the simple pleasure of enjoying basketball and feeling again the sensation of defeating others. “I could win you, without you being able to do anything, but in a quiet way. It wasn’t that I wanted to dump it on you, humiliate you. He was different. We didn’t see his combative side, because he just didn’t expect the same from us, ”said Tom Tuohy, one of the 16-year-old boys who played a friendly match with the former Chicago Bulls some time ago.

Jordan played with Chicago Bulls in two stages interrupted by his first retirement: the first between 1984 and 1993, and the second between 1995 and 1998. Between both cycles he managed to harvest six NBA rings, in addition he was chosen six times MVP (Most valuable player) of the finals, five times MVP of the season and in 1985 he was chosen as rookie (rookie of the Year. For this reason, among other aspects, he is considered the best basketball player of all time.


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