Victim of a rupture of the cruciate ligament of the left knee, on September 16 against Metz, the defender of PSG Juan Bernat, continues his rehabilitation. Before the Champions League match on Tuesday evening (9 p.m.) against Leipzig at the Parc des Princes, an appointment which he describes as “vital”, the Spaniard took stock of his personal situation in an interview with AFP.

“I think that in February, or mid-March, I could be back, explains Bernat first. Maybe in December I could start running again. The exercises with the ball, it will be for January perhaps. For now, I am focused on the day-to-day, I exercise so as not to lose too much muscle mass. “

Asked about the circumstances of his injury, he says he did not hear a “crack” unlike some of his partners, “but I knew I had something serious because right away, I was in great pain, everything. the knee blocked. Until the doctor arrived in the field, I was even shaking. “

Negotiations “are open”

Confinemen t requires, the Parisian defender does not leave his home. “Maybe it’s better not to be distracted, and to rest my knee,” he slips. In the head, it’s a little more complicated. But hey, I am very motivated to recover ”. He now considers that there is “little chance” that he can participate in the Euro (June 11-July 11, 2021) with Spain.

At the end of the contract with PSG next June, the left side arrived in the summer of 2018 explains that “negotiations are open, but for the time being nothing has been done”. Before adding: “But I believe they will succeed”. At 27, he says he is “very happy in Paris” and assures us that he “wants to stay here for many years”.

Asked about the supposed information put forward by some Spanish media of the possible arrival of his compatriot Sergio Ramos, defender of Real Madrid, Bernat laughs: “It’s true, he’s a leader, a very great player, he showed it in his career: an incredible player, a lot of character… but I cannot say anything more, these are only rumors ”.

Juan Bernat also underlines that he gets along very well with Thomas Tuchel: “He speaks to me a little in German, with what I learned when I was at Bayern. He’s the one who asked me to come here, he trusted me a lot from the start, and I’m trying to give it back to him on the pitch ”. He ensures that, even if “with confinement, we can no longer meet for a meal or go to each other, the group” is very tight-knit. “

He therefore believes in better days for PSG in the Champions League. “There is this part of luck, of not having injuries at crucial times, but I believe that PSG have the team to be able to win it,” he said. For him, the current difficulties can be explained. “We hardly had any pre-season preparation, after the Champions League we had 10 days off and we started the championship straight away, ahead of the left-back. We also have a lot of injuries, significant absences, that also has an effect on the team. “

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