Gernot Plassnegger and Ralph Spirk want to develop the GAK further. Today the Grazers are guests of the Rapid Amateurs (10.30 a.m.,

From Peter Klimkeit | 5.30 a.m., November 22, 2020

Ralph Spirk in victory in 2006 © (c) GEPA / Hans Oberlaender

Rapid Gegen GAK – this is one of the most prestigious duels in Austrian football. The Red Jackets celebrated their last victory so far on August 20, 2006. The Graz team won 4: 1 in Hütteldorf in the Bundesliga. Ralph Spirk played in the GAK team and will never forget this game. “First, because it was just a really great game, and second, because I didn’t play that many games in the Bundesliga,” remembers Spirk, currently assistant coach at GAK.

Today’s duel between green-white and red “is not what it is in the Bundesliga. It’s just the amateurs. In addition, the spectators are missing. And the fans are always a factor at Rapid that should not be underestimated”, says Spirk.

Spirk’s current boss should have been his opponent at that time – at 4: 1. Because GAK trainer Gernot Plassnegger was a Rapid player at the time. But after leaving the GAK, he was banned from the club for four months. “That wasn’t a nice finish,” recalls Plassnegger. For him personally, the Graz derbies are the most emotional highlights in Austrian football, “and then nothing comes for a long time and then Rapid,” says Plassnegger. He focuses on the current season and therefore on the Rapid Amateurs. “We will certainly not underestimate them. They are a good team.” Spirk adds: “Amateur teams usually have problems at the beginning of the season and get better and better as the championship progresses.”

10th round

Blue White Linz – SV Horn 3: 2 (3: 0)
FC Liefering – Kapfenberger SV 6:1 (3:0)
SKU Amstetten – Young Violets Austria Vienna 1: 2 (1: 1)
SV Lafnitz – Forward Steyr 3: 0 (2: 0)
Austria Lustenau – FAC Vienna 2: 1 (1: 1)
Austria Klagenfurt – Wacker Innsbruck 1: 1 (0: 0)
FC Juniors OÖ – FC Dornbirn 0:3 (0:0)
Rapid Wien II – NO (10.30)

The GAK will be successful with the Rapid Amateurs today “if we play like we did in the second half against Austria Klagenfurt,” says Plassnegger. Room layout and discipline are his keywords. The coach moved the last two training units into the morning “so that we can adjust to the approach time,” says Plassnegger. The kick-off at Allianz Stadium is at 10.30 a.m.

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