Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr: a not-so-bad fight

Behind the smoke screen, nostalgia, curiosity and a convincing comeback: Mike Tyson made his return to the ring at 54, despite a draw conceded against Roy Jones Jr, 51, at a party on Saturday until then saved by Snoop Dogg. Expected with a mixture of excitement and excitement by lovers of the noble art, the exhibition between Tyson and Jones Jr did not disappoint. If no winner was chosen at the end of the eight rounds of two minutes – a duration which proved to be very reasonable, with all due respect to the original complaints of the protagonists – the two boxers showed that they still had some in gloves.

At the time of the decision’s announcement, Tyson appeared to be much cooler than Jones Jr., still sweaty and worn out from the “Blows to the body which wreaked havoc”, he confessed. “You took it well, because I sent you some.” I respect that “, replied “Iron Mike,” who thought he had won, but was satisfied with the result. “No one suits me!”, he assured, urging him to “Put it back”.

Dressed in flowing black shorts as in his heyday, Tyson was as expected the most aggressive, starting each round with a bang and advancing incessantly towards Jones Jr, more mobile, who was able to respond backwards with the tips of his gloves to Lakers colors, flocked with numbers 8 and 24 in tribute to Kobe Bryant, who died at the end of January in a helicopter crash.

“Real fight”

Enough to inspire yet another punchline to Snoop Dogg, who had just performed a medley of his greatest hits, volutes of cannabis cigarettes in prime. “Looks like two of my uncles fighting over the barbecue!”, exclaimed the rapper, winner by KO in the comments facing the ex-boxer consultant Sugar Ray Leonard, hardly inspired.

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Despite the “exhibition” framework set by the California Athletic Commission (CSAC) to preserve their physical integrity, the two boxers, prepared for several months and subjected to anti-doping tests, have, as promised, delivered a “Real fight”. Evidenced by this jab sent full face by Jones Jr at 2e round, Tyson’s two big left-right hooks on the body and temple at 5e, these blows also that he released after the gong of 3e, apologizing immediately by taking “tenderly” the head of his victim on his shoulder.

Neither lacked panache, and Tyson can be proud of his pathetic exit from 2005, when he lost his last professional fight to Irish stranger Kevin McBride. “I’m really happy with these eight times and even more so to have kept a distance. I was afraid of hurting myself. Why doesn’t anyone care about this for me? I haven’t done that for fifteen years ”, he said.

“We don’t play boxing”

Behind closed doors requires in these times of galloping pandemic, there were no raging fans in the stands of the Staples Center in Los Angeles, no electricity that usually spices up the big nights. So much so that it began in a certain embarrassment, in a very dark high-tech decorum, aimed at better highlighting the white ring, on which a sports betting site was displayed as sponsors, another serving cannabis directory (legalized in California).

Was it wanted? It’s Mario Lopez, comedian known for having played in the sitcom Saved by the Bell, which animated the evening, started with three other fights. The most anticipated by those who made him an internet star, opposed the Youtubeur to 20 million subscribers Jake Paul to former NBA basketball player Nate Robinson. And they were certainly not disappointed, since the first inflicted a severe knockout on the second, after a boxing parody. “Slow down nephew!” He climbed on basketball sneakers! ”, Snoop Dogg first started seeing Robinson’s eagerness to pounce on his opponent. “Ooh Lord! Call the ambulance! ”, he screamed, laughing after falling face down on the ground.

Motionless for a few moments, the former three-time winner of the All-Star Game dunk contest even worried Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, tweeting “Get over it Nate … come on man”. This sport is not a joke. Even Snoop Dogg, in whom humor does not preclude common sense, agreed: “We play basketball, we don’t play boxing”.




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