Mascherano’s reaction on social networks to the incidents in the last goodbye to Maradona

Mascherano’s appreciation during the riots at Casa Rosada

The situation spilled over after noon. Thousands and thousands of people came to Casa Rosada very early to say goodbye to Diego Armando Maradona. With the coffin installed in the kidneys of the building located on Balcarce street, the fans toured an internal circuit in which they had the possibility of leaving an offering. But minutes before the ceremony ended, serious incidents were recorded in the vicinity.

Javier Mascherano made a comment on social networks with which he said a lot: “How sad everything”, was the short line with the emoji of a face with a tear on its face. He was not referring precisely to the loss of the idol, but to the clashes between the police, who repressed some violent people who reacted badly when they learned that they would not be able to access the inside to say goodbye to Diego.


“Eternally Thanks Diego for everything you gave us !!! Rest in peace. You earned it more than enough “, had been his comment yesterday, after learning of the death of his former coach in the Argentine team in the Qualifiers on the way to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and during the same World Cup. The former benchmark of the national team, who has just confirmed his retirement as a professional, was present in the early hours of the morning to accompany the Maradona family and his closest circle. Out of respect, he chose not to dialogue with the press at the scene.

The Little boss paid tribute to him beyond the fact that in recent times the Ten he had lowered his thumb. Although before the World Cup in South Africa Maradona had declared that his starting formation was with “Mascherano plus 10” (even weighing him ahead of Messi), some time ago he criticized him for his management as leader of the selected team. “I was wrong about Mascherano, I thought he was a caudillo. And today I have to say that Mascherano was not what I thought, but the mistake is totally mine. Neither do you want Messi as a leader, stop guys. The caudillos are over ”, stated in an interview with Infobae some time ago.

There were no grudges in the face of a loss as painful as that of Fluff and the 36-year-old Santa Fe chose to honor him at any cost. Any kind of friction was put aside. He probably would have wanted to cross it inside a field, perhaps in a classic from La Plata between Students and Gymnastics (mesh signed in Click right after the last derby that was played in November 2019), but the former midfielder had no choice but to fire him in the last hours.


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