Joey, the news about the country of origin, swings against Cordner’s critics of the blues

Eighth Immortal Andrew Johns has swung to defend the blues management of Boyd Cordner’s Origin headbutt and told critics to “shut up”.

Cordner was helped ahead of Adelaide Oval after coming into contact with Felise Kaufusi’s elbow in the first half of the Maroons 18-14 win.

But it is the Blues medical staff’s decision to get the skipper back to play that has been scrutinized.

The NRL issued a “Please Explain” to NSW to which they have not yet responded, while Cordner has excluded himself from the rest of the series.

With the subject under scrutiny across the country’s sports landscape, Johns stood up to defend the blues and their medical integrity.

“I wish all the people who have no idea what is going on medically behind the scenes with NSW and the Roosters would just shut up, it just drives me crazy.

“We all know he’s had (concussion) problems this year, but the people involved … Nathan Gibbs, he’s been a doctor in rugby league for about 30 years so people can question his integrity. You just have to shut up.

“Even with the roosters and their medical staff, they were leaders in the NRL. They’ve rested the players with the impact of their players longer than any other club. If you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, close up.”

Fitzy was thrilled with Cordner’s decision

Johns also reiterated Blues trainer Brad Fittler’s views, noting that Cordner was cleared to play by some of the game’s leading medics after an HIA.

“The rules and protocols are in place, he passed them all,” said Johns.

“I said in a comment that it was game over, but I’m not taking a test. To pass it, you have to be in your game.”


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