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Dominic Thiem against Rafael Nadal in the live ticker for reading

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In a competitive match at a high level, Dominic Thiem prevailed against Rafael Nadal in two sets at the ATP finals – both sets went into the tie-break. Here you can read the game again in the live ticker.

ATP finals: Dominic Thiem against Rafael Nadal in the live ticker for reading – 7: 6 (9: 7), 6: 6 (7: 4)

After the game: There hadn’t been a break ball in the first round, but then Nadal seemed to have the advantage in set number two. The Spaniard’s break only lasted a short time and so it went back to the tie break, which Thiem was able to win again.

After the game: Dominic Thiem also wins the second game of the ATP Finals and is almost certain to be in the semi-finals of the tournament! The Austrian beats Spaniard Rafael Nadal 7: 6 and 7: 6. In a match at eye level, the 28-year-old had the happier hand in both tie breaks.

7:6, 7:6 (7:4): Nadal makes the mistake on the backhand and gives the match! Dominic Thiem secures victory!

7:6, 6:6 (6:3): Strongly played by Thiem, who sets Nadal in motion and completes it with the forehand. There are match balls four to six for the Austrian!

7:6, 6:6 (4:3): The door to winning the match is now open! Thiem gets the next mini-break with a strong forehand and is only three points away from victory.

7:6, 6:6 (3:2): Thiem clenches his fist and rightly. The Austrian not only secures the mini-break, he also manages both serves and increases to 3: 2.

7:6, 6:6 (0:1): Great forehand from Nadal, who fires the ball cross into the corner. The first mini-break goes to the Spaniard.

7:6, 6:6: It’s the second time in the tie break! Rafael Nadal has no trouble making his serve this time. There is another showdown!

7:6, 6:5: Dominic Thiem was able to shake off the missed opportunity without any major problems. The Austrian continues to appear highly concentrated and secure. 6: 5 for number three in the world!


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