Dennis Schröder misses the Olympic tournament while participating in the finals with Lakers

Dennis Schröder’s move to the Los Angeles Lakers is celebrated by many.

After what was probably his best season at the Oklahoma City Thunder, which resulted in second place in the election for the best sixth man, the German national player received the reward he deserved: title chance instead of playoff fight!

Because at the side of LeBron James, Schröder’s chances of winning the first championship increase significantly, and the defending champion will most likely go into the season as a favorite again.

But Schröder’s trade also has losers – namely, German basketball. More precisely: the German national team.

Olympic tournament overlaps with finals

Because this would like to qualify for the Olympic Games, which have been postponed to summer 2021.

The qualifying tournaments for the Olympic basketball tournament are to take place from June 22 to July 4, 2021, in which four teams at four locations still want to get tickets for Tokyo.

Including the DBB team, which, according to FIBA, will not have its first group game until June 29th.

At the same time, the NBA playoffs are scheduled for the end of May due to the season only starting in December. While the first round should end in early June, the conference finals are not scheduled to begin until June 22nd.

Dilemma: Schröder’s success harms Germany

The NBA finals are scheduled to take place between July 8th and July 22nd.

That means: If Schröder has the expected success with the Lakers – the conference final is definitely possible for the star ensemble – Henrik Rödl has to get along with the DBB team without the leader.

And: Even a possible participation in the Olympic Games themselves, which should begin on July 23, could be tight for Schröder.

“At this point in time, the NBA has decided that they will not take a break for the Olympic qualification,” said Rödl SID Finally: “That would be a difficult situation for us without having to compete there.” For him, however, “the last word has not yet been spoken. I’ll wait and see.”

Schröder would have to give up his bigger dream. “There is no bigger trophy or bigger tournament than the Olympics. I would decide for the Olympics,” the point guard last replied in MagentaSport“Department Basketball” podcast when asked which of the two titles he would rather win.

Are theis and glue missing too?

And Daniel Theis (Boston Celtics) and Maxi Kleber (Dallas Mavericks) can certainly cause a sensation with their teams in the playoffs.

After all: Since Kleber and Schröder both play with their teams in the West, only one of them can reach the final series.


A deep playoff ride by Isaac Bonga and Moritz Wagner at the Washington Wizards would be a big surprise.

Germany escapes Hammer Group

Germany escaped hammer opponents such as Serbia or Lithuania in the draw for the qualifying tournament. The DBB team will initially meet Russia and Mexico in the group in Split and would then fight for the final place with Tunisia, Croatia or Brazil. Only the winner of the tournament qualifies for the Olympics.

Everything is still a dream of the future, but fans and those responsible for the German national basketball team could find themselves in a bind in the summer of 2021.

After all, who wants to wish a player the playoffs?



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