DeMarcus Cousins ​​approached by the Rockets

The interest in NBA franchises is real, but the concern surrounding a possible return of DeMarcus Cousins ​​also requires guarantees. Adrian Wojnarowski quickly evoked an interest in “Boogie” after the launch of the free agency, in a pivotal market which has lost its value over the years. It is then « l’insider » de The Athletic, Kelly Iko who confirmed the Rockets were among the teams interested in getting him back.

After leaving the pivot position last season under Mike D’Antoni, leaving Clint Capela to the Hawks, the Rockets have therefore reinvested the interior market. And Christian Wood, recruited with a large reinforcement of millions of dollars, will not be enough to strengthen their painting on his own.

After having chained rupture of the Achilles tendon, tearing of the quadriceps and rupture of the cruciate ligaments in two years, the pivot will never have played with the Lakers who released him last February and have just recovered Montrezl Harrell.

In his exchanges with the Rockets, it was inevitably question of the physical condition of DeMarcus Cousins, not yet recovered to 100%, although he received proposals to join the “bubble” last June. Proposals he had declined in order to be ready for 2020-2021, until his agent concedes that the 30-year-old pivot would probably not be ready for the recovery. So many elements that urge caution, at the Rockets as elsewhere.


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