Death of Maradona, the whole world in mourning

Published on : 26/11/2020 – 14:45

In Radio Foot today, we evoke the emotion following the disappearance of “Pibe de Oro”. From Giresse to Matthäus, from Pelé to François Omam-Biyik, the players who have rubbed shoulders or faced him are unanimous in saluting the talent of the number 10 passed by Boca Juniors, Barcelona and Naples. A tribute that goes beyond the world of football.

We go to Naples, the San Paulo stadium remained lit up all night in homage to the sports legend. The enclosure may soon bear the name of its idol.

We are going to Africa where the disappearance of the offensive midfielder, half angel, half demon, often endearing, sometimes excessive, has aroused the stir.

We look back on his career in club and in selection, as a player and as a coach, we evoke the famous 1986 World Cup meeting against England, and the “hand of God” which will remain as one of the most memorable images. of the history of football.

The time when Maradona and the Albiceleste selection were one. What legacy does he leave? Will we see a player of this size in the future?

Around Annie Gasnier and Alejandro Valente to evoke the Argentinian: Bruno Constant, Gilles Verdez and Dominique Sévérac. Preparation: David Fintzel / Pierre Guérin. Technique / production: Laurent Salerno.

Kick-off 16:10 UT




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