Right now, no one knows what the future holds for Anthony Davis. Well, almost “nobody”, since Danny Green posted on Instagram an unequivocal photo about the future of his former teammate.. The concern was that he wasn’t supposed to do it, and immediately deleted it.

The free agency started several days ago, and Anthony Davis still has not signed a contract. For a large majority, its future is in any case not the slightest doubt. He should initial the Lakers’ offer and return to conquer the title won in the bubble.

Despite everything, the doubt can be allowed in view of this beginning of free agency. Between Montrezl Harrell leaving the Clippers to join the enemy Lakers, Bogdan Bogdanovic who is sent to Milwaukee before retracting and choosing another destination… On a last minute whim, AD can totally decide to leave, it would be just one more surprise.

In any case, the situation seems to be clarifying behind the scenes, and some information has visibly leaked to Danny Green’s ears. The new Sixer posted an Instagram story in which he speaks directly to Anthony Davis, and he openly reveals the latter’s plans when he shouldn’t have… He quickly deleted after this big ball.

He’s like that ! Congratulations King!

If Danny Green is well informed, Anthony Davis is about to sign a monstrous contract with the Lakers, a fair reward after his incredible season. The question now is why the Lakers are continuing the suspense and refuse to announce the long-awaited extension …

In any case, this excitement at the back may suggest that his former teammate will sign a contract much more important than 2 seasons. Which would be great news for the franchise and its fans, as AD was so invaluable in winning the title, and would ensure a glorious future for the Purple and Gold.

This Danny Green dumpling only confirms what everyone expects: a big overtime from Anthony Davis at the Lakers. The ad should be imminent now.

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