In mid-2014 the whole world River was absolutely dumbfounded at the news of Ramon Diaz he had decided to leave his position as coach after having been champion of a new Argentine tournament. Because of this, Enzo Francescoli he had to use his wits to find a new coach and that’s how Marcelo arrived Gallardo. Not even the most optimistic foreshadowed everything that would come for the Millionaire from the hand of the Doll.

For his part, Pelado began to wander around different parts of the world. First he had the chance to direct the Paraguay national team in the Copa América in Chile, where he reached the semifinals. After that he decided to try his luck in the Arab Gulf. Passed by Al-hilal, where he did really well, then he switched sides and took over Al-Ittihad, and finally he was a brief period of time in the Pyramids Of Egipt.

After these experiences, Ramon hit the turn for South America. At the beginning of this 2020 he began directing Paraguay Freedom, where it all started in the best way. But the coronavirus pandemic generated a standstill that disrupted all plans. When he returned to the activity, the performance was not the same, much less the results, which is why he ended up resigning. However, the idol of River it was not unoccupied for long.

A few days ago the DT signed with him Botafogo from Brazil, a historic club in South America that is not having a good time, as it is in danger of relegation. To take a leap in quality, Pelado wasted no time and has already started looking for what will be the reinforcements to improve the team. Just the man who pointed is a player who wore the jersey of River and that he was also champion with Gallardo as a coach.

Ramon Diaz goes with everything for Teo Gutierrez, who today is in Junior from Barranquilla. El Pelado already knows him well because he was the one who took him to the Millionaire. Within Núñez’s club, the Colombian won five titles, two with the Riojan and three with El Muñeco. It seems that the days of the forward in coffee soccer are numbered taking into account the large number of offers he received, and Botafogo He has already sped up to sign him before the pass book closes in Brazil.

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