After their first home win against Braunschweig, the BG Göttingen also achieved their first away win in the basketball league! At the promoted Niners Chemnitz, the team of trainer Roel Moors won in a thriller after extra time with 103: 99 (92:92, 47:47).

Chemnitz – Outstanding BGers were again Luke Nelson and Aubray Dawkins, who both got 24 points each. Jorge Gutiérrez (11 points, 13 assists) and Mathis Mönninghoff (10 + 10) each managed a “double-double”.

The BG started with Gutiérrez, Nelson, Dawkins, Mönninghoff and Odiase, who hammered the ball into the Chemnitz basket after six seconds – a classic dunk! And the violets continued to be in a good mood, just as Coach Moors had previously requested. Marcus Thornton brought the Niners 5-2 in the front, but the BG immediately held against it. Odiase did several good things, and then Dawkins came out. He marked seven points in a row to 16:10 lead. A lot of steam and speed in the first home game of the Saxons in the Bundesliga! And 24:16 for the Göttingen team after the first ten minutes – that looked good.

In the second quarter, Coach Moors brought his supposed “second suit” with Vargas, Kramer, Weidemann, Omuvwie and Robinson. Chemnitz caught up, came closer, but the BG was still able to maintain its lead. At 30:29 the lead changed from Isiah Mike to the hosts, who now acted with more energy. Akeem Varga’s three-pointer again made it 34:33 for the BG before the Niners ran an 8-0 run and were suddenly 41:34 ahead.

But the violets can also do series! And above all thanks to Luke Nelson, who equalized with two threes in a row at 43:43. 16 points for the British by then. And just an 11: 2 run for the BG. At halftime, both teams were tied with 47:47. The BG had advantages on the board, the Saxons from outside with 55 percent three-way quota (BG 35 percent). Playmaker Gutiérrez already had eight assists at break.

Even after the restart, Odiase managed the first point. Dawkins netted the next three, the Göttingen away again at 57:52. But the match turned again when Thornton was successful with a three. It went back and forth, because then Dawkins came out of the bushes again. He scored his points 18, 20 and 22 with a dunk – and the Moors team led 72:68 (28th). Harper Kamp and Galen Robinson added further points for the Violets, who were 76:72 ahead after 30 minutes.

The beginning of the final section was entirely in BG’s taste: Nelson Weidemann threw the Niners two threes into the basket for 82:72. But Chemnitz did not give up, shortened to 77:82. Niners-Center Richter conceded his fourth foul, shortly before the end of the fifth.

Nelson gave two free throws at the BG, while Thornton hit his next three for Chemnitz to 87:86. Pure excitement in the “crunch time”! In the final phase the BG led, but the Chemnitz King equalized with a three-point to 92:92.

Renewal! Niners playmaker Thornton scored his sixth three to 97:94, but Göttingen countered with Gutiérrez: his first three for the BG at all to make it 99:98. Crazy tension on the floor! Nelson converted two free throws to 101: 98, Clarke brought the Niners to 99: 101. Mönninghoff used the last free throws to make it 103: 99. This victory was not for the faint of heart!

BG: Weidemann 6/davon 2 Dreier, Nelson 24/3 (6 Assists), Gutiérrez 11/1 (13 Assists), Vargas 3/1, Kramer, Omuvwie 2, Odiase 17 (8 Rebounds), Mönninghoff 10/2 (10 Rebounds), Kamp 4, Dawkins 24/2 (9 Rebounds), Robinson 2.

Best Chemnitz: Thornton 25/6, King 17/4, Clark 15/1, Wimberg 13/1. (haz / gsd)

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