Argentina weeps after Diego Maradona’s death

Million people around the world mourn Diego Maradona – especially in Argentina. Stunned by the death of their football legend, many in his home country burst into tears on Wednesday. Thousands of people gathered in the capital Buenos Aires at the La Bombonera stadium of his former club Boca Juniors and the obelisk in the city center to commemorate their idol. The weeping River Plate supporter was comforted by hostile Boca fans. On electronic billboards above the city freeway and in subway entrances it was read: “Thank you Diego”.

Maradona died Wednesday of a heart attack at his home in Tigre, north of Buenos Aires, aged just 60. Called medics could not resuscitate him. The autopsy revealed acute heart failure and the resulting pulmonary edema. After the emergency call, nine ambulances stood in front of his new property. Nobody could have rushed here in time. He was released from the hospital two weeks ago after doctors operated on him there for a cerebral haemorrhage.

“Today is a very sad day for all Argentines,” said head of state Alberto Fernández on the television channel TyC Sports. “Diego represented Argentina in the world, he filled us with joy, and we will never be able to repay that.” “I have a great friend and the world has lost a legend,” wrote the Brazilian Seleção idol Pelé (80) on Twitter. “I hope one day we can play soccer together in heaven.”

In front of the entrance to the Bombonera in the Boca waterfront, fans lit candles, laid flowers and hung rosaries. “He is a legend. We’ll miss him, ”said a woman named Patricia on TN TV. She sat on the floor, hugging her son and fighting back tears. “He will be remembered as the greatest.” Maradona fan Diego said: “This is a tough blow. He was the greatest player in history. There will never be someone like him again. “

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A whole country weeps for Maradona

From Thursday on, the Argentines can say goodbye to Maradona in the government palace Casa Rosada. Former President Néstor Kirchner was last given this honor ten years ago. In the midst of the corona pandemic, the Argentine government is now expecting up to one million mourners. In view of the corona pandemic, the authorities called on people to comply with protective measures. On the balcony of the residence, Maradona celebrated as world champion in 1986, but was also comforted in 1990 after the lost final against Germany.

After Maradona’s death, the body was laid out in the government palace in the capital Buenos Aires. The coffin with the remains was brought to Casa Rosada in an ambulance on Thursday night, local media reported. Thousands of people stood in line before sunrise to bid farewell to Maradona. Family members and close friends had already been admitted, it was said.

When the gates opened early in the morning (local time), after a security check, the fans pulled past the coffin covered with an Argentine flag to pay their last respects to their idol. Many cried, others threw jerseys with the number 10 over the barrier, as seen on TV pictures. “Gracias Diego, gracias!” (Thank you Diego, thank you!) Shouted a man tearfully as he walked past the coffin.




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