Troy Deeney puts Raúl Jiménez among the best 9 in the Premier

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Mexico City / 27.10.2020 19:22:23

Troy Deeney, a player who became known in Mexico for calling him a “loser” Raul Jimenez, overturned his opinion of the ram of the Wolverhampton and placed it among the top five forwards of the Premier League.

The legend of Watford and author of approximately 160 goals with that shirt, which today defends in the Championship, was questioned by Talksport on best numbers 9 and in his select list the Mexican appeared, although he did not consider players who participate as wingers.

Jiménez is a very good player. His pace of work at the front is remarkable. It doesn’t give defenders a moment of peace.

“You can link the game, you can score with your left foot, with your right foot and has the ability to grow and be a much better player and complete. It’s only going to get better, “he said in the interview.

He said that in case of not playing European competitions next 2021 the Wolves will have problems to retain to Jimenez, since he is a player who has made a poster in England.

The other four players he named were Roberto Firmino, Jamie Vardy, Sergio Agüero and Harry Kane.

What happened between Deeney and Jiménez?

In the 2019 FA Cup Semifinals they faced Wolves Y Watford, game that was put forward with a goal from Raúl, who in the celebration used the mask of Sin Cara, a fact that annoyed Deeney, who after turning the scoreboard and advancing to the final launched:

“I’m glad you put on the mask, I could use it right now too, because now he’s a loser. So, enjoy the mask, we were victorious. At that time, I didn’t see the celebration; better, because I had lost my mind, “he said then.




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