Tristan Thompson explains how LeBron James is a better player than he was in Cleveland or Miami

Interviewed by The Herd show, Tristan Thompson wanted to explain what was the difference between the LeBron James today and the one he played with in Cleveland.

I think today’s LeBron has even more qualities as a player. Of course his exceptional qualities and his incredible talent put him above the rest of the league, but I think he’s even better now. He didn’t really shoot at 9m until 2018 when we played the Raptors and he put 6 like that. Now he shoots a lot better, he has a better handle. Back then there were times when he didn’t want to shoot from far and other times when he lost a few balls while dribbling. His dribbling is much better and he’s really a playmaker on the floor. ” Tristan Thompson

Before Game 4, the King texted his teammates to boost them, not a first. The King is used to the fact when he feels that the moments are important. He had done the same in a very different situation during the 2016 finals.

“He also sent us a message when we were down 3-1 in 2016 against Golden State. They’d won Game 3 in Cleveland, then Game 4. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson were good at pick-and-roll and we just couldn’t seem to adjust. And there around midnight, half past midnight, LeBron texted to say, ‘Look, I know we’re down 3-1 but if you don’t think we can still win this series, it’s not even worth coming on the plane tomorrow to San Francisco! ‘ So JR and I used rather rude words to make him understand that of course we would be there. We thought we could still win. And look what happened. ” Tristan Thompson

This year, role players like Rajon Rondo, Alex Caruso or Kentavious Caldwell-Pope also have a big role in the Lakers.

I’m not at all surprised that it works, and it reminds me of what we were doing in Cleveland. Kevin Love had missed playoff games in 2015, Kyrie Irving too. I remember being a KCP, a Rondo, a Markieff Morris or a Kuzma. I played the role of those guys who had to step-up. LeBron had Kyrie and Kevin, but others had to shine every night. I was one of those like Shumpert, JR or Dellavedova. I remember well being in this costume. However, we still have to give Frank Vogel and his staff a lot of credit. They have Phil Handy on the bench we had in Cleveland as well. He was in charge of developing our skills. I think with him these guys have been doing this all year and were able to improve. We must congratulate the individual work that they have done and which is so important. During the playoffs, the teams are going to have plans against LeBron and AD that’s why other guys have to step-up to win. ” Tristan Thompson

But of course, the one who pops the screen next to LeBron is Anthony Davis.

I loved how he played, especially in the last quarter. I put up with him like he was my cousin or someone in my family watching the game. I wanted him to give of himself and show everyone what he could really do. Everyone doubted him and said he couldn’t perform in the 4th quarter but look what he did. He accepted the challenge of defending on Jimmy Butler, he put blocks, he put big shots with less than a minute left. All that is worthy of a great player. All that has been huge for AD and I think it will change the discourse of people who say that AD is not a winner a bit. ” Tristan Thompson

For that however, it will be necessary to win the title. And although for the moment the Lakers are on the right track, it has already happened that a team has come back from a 3-1. Tristan Thompson is in a good position to talk about it.

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