Trade in preparation between the Nets and the Pelicans?

Now that the season is over, franchises will be able to discuss trades in the coming months. Despite the coronavirus, we can expect movement, including a possible exchange between the Nets and the Pelicans. We take stock.

Even if the coronavirus has tipped the 30 NBA franchises in the red, that does not mean that there will be no movement for this offseason, quite the contrary. The free agents find themselves in difficulty, not sure to land a big contract, but several teams are already dreaming of reducing their payroll a little.

We can always talk about Chris Paul, who earns more than 40 million dollars: problematic for a small market like the Thunder. Lucky for them, three franchises want a leader. We can also discuss which teams want to strengthen themselves in preparation for the ring, and that’s where the Nets and Pelicans come in.

With Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, Brooklyn is hoping to strike a big blow in the East, although a little reinforcement would not be superfluous. According to the latest information from Brian Windhorst, there is interest in Pelicans rear Jrue Holiday. Able to score and defend, the latter would be the ideal target for the Nets, on paper at least.

I don’t think the Pelicans really wanted to haggle over Jrue Holiday at the last trade deadline, but I understand there have been a few calls, and Brooklyn is a very interesting possible partner.

Separate from Holiday? That would be a hell of a confession on the part of the Pels, and a page that is turned. New Orleans could get a nice counterpart, but the goal remains the playoffs for the Louisiana team, which must therefore remain competitive. Again, it will all depend on what the leaders can recover.

Some kind of Big Three in Brooklyn with Jrue Holiday? His profile would be very interesting to fill the gaps of Kyrie Irving in defense. However, Holiday is expected to be courted by several franchises. The competition promises to be tough.



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