The pleasure of seeing Chelsea Gray and Laia Palau play together

Laia Palau and Chelsea Gray. Having players like them is a life insurance for any team that has to face an even end to a game and at the same time a gift for anyone who likes basketball. Or just sport. And the Spar Girona is lucky to have both, which, yesterday, in times of pandemic and empty cities with their shutters down, gave the thousand fans who were able to go to Fontajau the first little brushstroke of the ‘show that, if the virus leaves us, can end up being seen this season in the Girona pavilion. At 40, Laia Palau has fewer and fewer games left to play and, as happened in her first stage in Girona, having Chelsea Gray is a kind of “temporary transfer” that will last until an offer, from the many she must constantly receive, convincing her that no matter how much she likes the city and its (now closed) restaurants, she would charge much more elsewhere. For now, however, the two play in Girona and yesterday, in an exhibition of talent and craft, they unraveled together in the last five minutes the match against Casademont Zaragoza (68-60).

Spar Girona’s fifth victory in five games in this league came in a game that, conditioned by their lack of success in shooting (2-13 in triples), was on the way to drowning Girona. A triple by Tylor Wurtz put the Aragonese four points ahead on the scoreboard (50-54 seven minutes from time). And that was when Chelsea Gray said enough. On the day of its release, the American escort showed why she is one of the best players in the world and, as someone who does not want the thing, with a feeling of great self-sufficiency, carried the team on his shoulders . Between her and Palau, they scored 14 of Uni’s 18 points in the remaining match until the 68-60 final, in what was Chelsea Gray’s first gift to Girona fans. Many more will come.

Valencia arrives on Saturday

Uni play on Wednesday in the Canary Islands, against Ciudad Encantada, and on Saturday they will return to Fontajau to receive Valencia from Queralt Casas at seven in the afternoon.



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