the gauge limited to 30%

UEFA on Thursday authorized the public’s immediate return to European football competitions, including the Champions League, within a limit of 30% of the stadium’s capacity and at the discretion of local authorities.

“The UEFA Executive Committee has decided to allow the partial return of spectators to UEFA matches, where local law allows, and this from next week’s national team matches,” said the European Confederation on Thursday in a statement published on the day of the Champions League draw.

The decision allows a return of the public from the matches of the Champions League and the Europa League, whose group stages begin on October 20 and 22, but also for the international friendly and Nations League matches scheduled for next week.

Visiting supporters will not be allowed and the gauge will not be able to exceed the limits set by the national authorities, specifies the governing body of European football.

Since the end of winter, all European matches had taken place behind closed doors due to the health crisis, except the European Supercup on September 24 in Budapest, which was a test.

With a gauge initially set at 30% of the stadium’s capacity, 15,180 spectators (out of 68,000 seats in the stadium) had seen Bayern Munich beat Sevilla (1-0) in the Hungarian capital.

” First step ”

In its press release, UEFA qualifies this experiment as “success” and retains the same maximum level.

“It will be mandatory for spectators to respect social distance, and additional precautionary measures, such as wearing a mask, will have to be put in place in accordance with local regulations,” said UEFA.

“Today’s decision is a reasonable first step that favors the health of supporters and respect for local laws,” said UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin, quoted in the statement.

“This decision will allow a coherent approach by country and not by competition, knowing that the latter was sometimes difficult to understand for the supporters”, continued the Slovenian, while the Portuguese Federation has already announced that the Selecçao would host Spain then the Sweden in October in front of the public (with a tonnage limited respectively to 5 and 10% of the stadium capacity).




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