The French Federation would have distorted Rafael Nadal’s game

Gilles Simon was for a long time one of the most interesting players on the circuit, also because of his comments off the court. The French veteran also voiced opposing views when he found himself talking about Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

The first book will be released on October 28, in which ‘Gillou’ documents her life on the road and her thoughts on sensitive topics. In particular, the site published an excerpt from the book a few days after Nadal’s 13th success at Roland Garros.

Referring to the 20-time Grand Slam champion, Simon has harshly criticized the work of the French Federation in recent decades. The last Gaul to win in Paris was Yannick Noah in 1983.

Since then, only Henri Leconte has reached the final in the French capital 32 years ago.

Simon harshly criticizes the French Federation

“As of this writing, Rafael Nadal has won twelve Roland Garros playing eight meters behind the baseline and using very rounded trajectories.

If he had trained under the direction of the French Federation, his game would probably have been distorted, ”Simon wrote. At most venues in France, players are used to practicing almost exclusively on hard courts.

Instead, Nadal perfected his schemes on clay, then evolved his tennis to succeed on other surfaces as well. “Someone could argue that he might have been an even better player with the FFT methods.

However, according to the data we have available, at least you can say that his career has been simply phenomenal, right? “He added Rafa’s coach, Carlos Moyá, stressed the importance of staying together in this difficult period.

“There have been moments of enormous uncertainty. There was no routine, especially at the beginning of the confinement. We had to be psychologists to keep team morale high. We had to be friends to overcome that difficult situation ”.