The Dodgers won the Tampa Bay Rays 3: 1, celebrating 4-2 in a series of up to four victories.

For the Los Angeles team, this was the seventh title in the club’s history, but the first since 1988. Significantly, other celebrations took place in Los Angeles until recently, as the National Basketball Association (NBA) team of the Los Angeles Lakers also took the title.

The Dodgers previously played in the finals in 2017 and 2018 as well, but both failed.

The MLB season was also shortened due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the finals took place for the first time in history on a neutral pitch – the Globe Life Arena in Arlington, Texas.

“This is what you’re talking about when you’re a kid,” said Cory Sieger, who was named the most valuable player in the final series after a hit of 40% accuracy and twice earned a home run.

Significantly, Justin Turner had to leave the Dodgers bench during the game and was diagnosed with Covid-19. He was later seen at the team celebrations.

Tampabeja’s coach Kevin Kesh is likely to receive mountain criticism in the near future, as he landed a “hot” Blake Snell in the decisive match, who allowed his opponents to take only two strokes without races in the previous innings.

Last year, the final of the Washington Nationals with 4-3 won the Houston Astros.


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