The best of Adrián Otaegui to win the Scottish Championship

The final lap of Adrian Otaegui to win the Scottish Championship It has been a masterful demonstration of golf. It is not easy to stay with the best shots, since they have been many and very varied.

A cyclone named Adrián sweeps the Scottish Championship

Any drive he has hit all day could enter the selection, always on the right track and without getting into any trouble. Practically any of the putts you’ve thrown would fit. Only one of three meters down has really missed. There have also been high quality irons, like the 7 that hit the 11th hole, to get the birdie done …

Otaegui rises almost one hundred places in the world ranking

It’s not easy to condense such a brilliant performance into one minute, but here are four of those key moments in Adrián’s victory: Holes 1, 13, 15 and 18.