Tennis: The mistakes women should avoid when wearing them after 40

Gone are those times when tennis they were to be worn only at a certain stage of our lives (adolescence and twenties to be exact). Now this convenient shoe can be worn anytime, with any outfit, anywhere. as long as you know how to do it.

In your forties, of course it is valid combine your clothes with tennis. These shoes are not fought with that elegance that is so sought after at this time, on the contrary, the outfits that you achieve with a good pair of tennis shoes can be successful and unforgettable. But, as with every garment, footwear or accessories, definitely there are errors you can skip.

From the type of tennis for which you choose, even the way you combine it, we review some failures that you should not commit when wearing you are 40+. Take note!

Using too much of everything

Go for minimalist sneakers with minimalist outfits. Remember: less is more.

© Karwai Tang

We know that extravagant sneakers They are at everything they give and can be combined with practically everything, but in an age where ‘less is more’ takes on special relevance, do you really want to wear those sneakers chunky multicolored with other equally striking garments? Remember strike a balance in your looks. If you are going to choose sneakers more striking, make sure they are only as necessary so that they do not ‘eat’ the rest of your outfit.

If you want to play it safe, follow the example of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow or Kate Middleton, who always wear the more minimalist models, in white or with a minimal color stripe.

Wearing tennis with too much platform

Wear simple tennis shoes to avoid looking unsophisticated.

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Midi dress with tennis at 40

At any age, platforms they can be fussy. If their use is exaggerated, they can pass on a disguise item and of course we want to avoid that. With the tennis chunky that include large platforms in their sole it is exactly the same, excess can be perceived as unsophisticated or a unsuccessful attempt wanting to include youth elements in your look.

We must insist with simpler models, those that look pristine and that can be combined with practically any casual garment with which you combine them.

Not paying attention to the jeans with which you wear your tennis shoes

Go for jeans that look as flawless as your sneakers.

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actress charlize theron with black mask

What do Katie Holmes, Charlize Theron and Eva Longoria have in common? Besides living your 40’s with all the style, they know perfectly that when they go to wearing tennis shoes with casual outfits, jeans matter a lot. They know the perfect dose between the casualness of jeans and the comfort of tennis shoes, so they choose pants that are the perfect size and the perfect cut to avoid looking sloppy. Sus jeans they go from the cuts boyfriend, skinny, even the flared ones and they always look pristine, just like their tennis.

If you are going to use ripped jeans with tennis shoesMake sure the tearing is minimal, revealing only little or no skin.

Wearing sloppy tennis shoes

Your tennis shoes (at any age) should always look pristine.

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Katie Holmes in jeans and strapless white top

This applies to practically any age, but again we emphasize this longed for sophistication that we would all like to emulate from the previously mentioned celebrities, have you ever seen anyone with the dirty or broken sneakers? No, therefore this point is very clear and simple: take care of your tennis, if they are dirty, do not wear them.

Want to use them for everything

Explore other possibilities beyond tennis.

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Jeans with tennis at 40

We know that they are comfortable and that, wearing them in a minimalist way, they can be used with absolutely everything, but evaluate if they really are the kind of shoes that you can wear on any occasion. There may be times when your feet miss the sophisticated charm of loafers or the femininity of flats. Experiment with all styles that, anyway, sneakers they will always be there waiting.