Shin Tae-yong reveals one dominant change after the U19 national team match vs NK Dugopolje page all – Shin Tae-yong was pleased with the performance of the Indonesian U19 national team in the match against NK Dugopolje, Thursday (8/10/2020).

In that match, the Indonesian U19 national team won convincingly, 3-0, at the NK Uskok Klis Stadium, Split.

This is Garuda Muda’s biggest win during the Croatian test matches in the middle of the training camp.

“The players are showing their progress,” Shin said after the match.

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The South Korean coach revealed the dominant change in the Indonesian U19 national team game.

“Posture may not be changed,” he said, quoted from PSSI TV.

“However, children are now getting faster at playing,” said Shin Tae-yong.

In the future, Shin will try to increase the speed at which his foster children play again.

“So, now we are in the process of forming a fast-paced game,” he said.

For the next match, the Indonesian U19 national team will face North Macedonia.

The U19 vs North Macedonia national team duel will be held at the same place, on Sunday (11/10/2020).

“Preparation for the next match against North Makenia must be even better,” said Shin continued.

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“In that match, we (will) also check the progress of the players and analyze the video of the match,” he said.

So far, David Maulana et al have played eight trial matches.

As a result, the Indonesian U19 national team won three times, drew two and lost three times.



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