Shattering revelation on Carmelo Anthony’s future?

While he has just had a good season with the Blazers, will Carmelo Anthony return to Portland next year? It is not yet certain if one relies on this latest revelation …

Officially banned from the NBA for nearly a year after a troubled start to the Rockets, Carmelo Anthony revived his late career with the Blazers. Eager to resume his adventure with a real chance, Melo found a beautiful environment in Oregon: a place in a starting 5, and the confidence of his teammates.

The adventure, this year at least, ended against the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs. Great promises for the future, even if there is an unknown: will the former Knick stick around next season?

Because yes, Melo is a free agent for this offseason. He is therefore free to continue in Portland, on the assumption that the front office wants to keep him, or else to join another team that would like him. What is the trend? Well according to Jason Quick, journalist at The Athletic, it doesn’t smell very good.

The only way I can see Carmelo Anthony come back to Portland is if there’s some kind of revelation in him that he thinks he’s a role player now. And I don’t think that’s going to happen.

However, Melo has integrated perfectly this season behind Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum. A role that suits him well at this stage of his career, but which perhaps does not satisfy him. A return to the Knicks where he could become a “star” again? Not impossible, especially that a rumor about it broke recently.

Will Carmelo Anthony return to Portland? If fans were optimistic, this statement throws a nice chill. To be continued.