Scola highlighted his differences with basketball driving

Luis Scola, the great captain of the Argentina National Team / Instagram

Luis Scola, the great captain of the Argentine basketball team, raised his differences with the current national leadership of the sport of orange, arguing that he was standing “on the opposite side”

“These people who are (in the CABB) and I have nothing to do with it. His way of understanding the professional sports organization is totally opposite to mine ”, said the current 40-year-old Italian Varese player, who yesterday contributed 28 points, 8 rebounds and 2 assists in the fall of his team against Guerino Vanoli Basket 80-67, within the framework of Lega A of Italy.

“Conceptually speaking, the way of understanding the things that basketball leaders in Argentina have today compared to what I think is as if it were day and night,” the former Toronto intern graphed.

However, the differences that the historical scorer of the selected team may raise with the current leadership led by Fabián Borro will not prevent the captain from being part of the team that will participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games next year.

“It will not influence my participation as long as an unacceptable line is not crossed in relation to the decisions taken,” Scola warned.

Long ago, the captain was the main engine, from the group of players, of an investigation that was carried out on a previous CABB management.

The reaction of Scola and several of his colleagues at that time (prior to the 2014 World Cup in Spain) allowed Germán Vaccaro to be displaced from the leadership of the Pampas leader, prosecuted for alleged “fraudulent administration” against the organization.

“With my colleagues we explained an irregular situation of what was happening in the Confederation in those days. Many (leaders) of those who were at that time are now also ”, concluded the great captain.