Trotta did not keep anything and aimed against Chilavert, Bragarnik, Menotti and Ramón Díaz Credit: TV Capture

Six years after his last cycle as a coach, Roberto Trotta Today he is a panelist on television and radio for sports programs, while he waits for a new opportunity to put on his technical director suit again. But, despite the passage of time, the former defender of Vélez and River maintains his strong and sharp personality that led him to become a total reference of Argentine football in the 90’s. And in an interview with Líbero on TyC Sports, he showed it again: “Spicy? Realistic, perhaps. Trotta style.”

Trotta has nine titles on his back as a player, in an extensive career that began in 1987 and ended in 2005, plus eight years as a coach with cycles at Independiente Rivadavia, Almagro, Juventud Unida and Sarmiento de Junín and an experience as Diego’s assistant. Maradona in Al Wasl in the United Arab Emirates between 2011 and 2012. Throughout his history with football, he has forged a profile as competitive as it is controversial, to the point that he has had several encounters with players, managers and fans.

At the time of defining himself, in the interview in TyC, the former player declared himself as “River fan of boy and Students now“and he shot:” Champion three times in Argentina with River, champion three times in Argentina with Vélez, world champion, champion of the Copa Libertadores and champion of the Interamerican. A total winner. “And throughout the entire note he was releasing a series of incredible stories, mixed with strong statements and successive Chicanas that will leave a lot of fabric to cut.

Trotta, reference of Vélez and River in the 90’s Source: FotoBAIRES

The best of Trotta

  • Are you a winner? “I consider myself a winner. My best moment was 94, the Copa Libertadores and the World Final, those were the moments that I enjoyed the most. And professionally it was in 95 when he took me to the Passarella team, which was my reference. , but he didn’t love me. I could never speak to him, Gallego and Sabella spoke to me, he didn’t. Journalism and people screwed up, I had my chance, but because of the points he didn’t quote me. It was my biggest frustration. “
  • The world final against Milan in 1994. “Pride kills and they played against them. They didn’t know us, that’s why we beat them and we didn’t know what we could give. Capello underestimated us, when you underestimate and they beat you, you don’t forget it anymore, like him”
  • El dardo from Christian Bragarnik. “It is difficult to work because I am not from the famous representative’s guild. Many put him as the owner of Argentine football, but I don’t believe that. He is the owner of Argentine football and he is also in Spain, he went to Colombia and also in Chile. I knew him from the Vélez fans to Christian. Argentine football is in a very bad moment, because you have to make a replacement. If a coach is bad, you have to remove him, you do not have to make him go around the clubs to see If it improves. Today a coach being bad led six teams and football never progresses like that. Forestello led San Martín de San Juan and Coyette led San Martín de Tucumán, both were in a bad time and were going to relegation. And At 24 hours, Forestello was in Tucumán and Coyette was in Tucumán. Totally crazy. And then you’ll see who the representative is … he’s the same. “
  • The Chilavert penalty. “I’m afraid to say it: Chilavert’s penalty kick was the goal I enjoyed the most. It scares me because people are angry, they live angry with me. I was a professional and I enjoyed it because not every player did it, especially against a goalkeeper against Chilavert. There were two ways: hitting her hard upstairs as I had already done or stinging her because nobody had done it. I had scored the goal against Chilavert and I had to kick the penalty under the Vélez tribune, and they yelled at me that it was a I showed them that it wasn’t. They had me four years, in which I gave up everything a player can leave. They knew it. But they had to mark it again and I did it. I’m not spiteful. But it gave me pleasure because many they wanted me to go wrong. “

  • His relationship with Velez fans. “I regret the sayings against the people of Vélez and I apologized a thousand times, that’s why I’m angry with the one who continues to insist that I am a traitor. They are nonsense. To have been world champion and lift the best Vélez trophies, except the Super Cup , it bothers me. There are some statues in the club: Bianchi, Chilavert, Willington and Amalfitani. I don’t know when they will finish doing the rest, because the Cups were not won by a coach or a player, it was a team “
  • Carlos Bianchi. “Humanly he left me much more than football. He taught me to unite and support a group, to transmit to young people the sense of belonging. The simplicity of knowing that with a few things you can do a lot.”
  • Can Gallardo surpass Bianchi? “He is the best coach in Argentine football. The difference between Bianchi is that he was champion with Vélez in the world, but we have to wait for him, let’s see who is the best. He is like Menotti or Bilardo, we had to wait. If Gallardo continues on this path obviously he’s going to match it and maybe even surpass it “
  • Menotti or Bilardo? “Bilardo is football, the other is a big lie, together with the group that supports it, the Cappa, the Valdanos … I don’t like Biri Biri “.
  • The referee he insulted the most. “To Giménez’s button. I told him: ‘son of a p … military man, he kills people.”
  • The fight with Chicho Serna. “We went looking for each other at the exit of a bowling alley. We were spicy. We were twenty meters away screwing each other and they separated us. Then I got paid: I went to the draft in Mexico and they transferred me from Atlante to Puebla, and the DT tells me They needed a five. Puebla was a terrible team, fighting for relegation and it was to suffer. And I wanted to recommend someone that I hated and Chicho came out. After 10 days he appeared, they put him in the room with me and I faced him: ‘ Do you know why you’re here? You’re going to come to suffer just like me. ‘

  • His passage through Rome. “The locker room received me badly, as if I were Bianchi’s pimp. Totti could already see the paste of being an excellent player and such a canchero, canchero”.
  • Better technician? “Salvador Capitano y Eduardo Solari”.
  • Worst technical? “Ramón Díaz, the worst. He never said anything to me, he never did anything. I dedicated the goal to Newell’s in ’97 to him, he didn’t put me on it and I wanted to go, crazy, I was the only fool who wanted to go River. And that day I wanted to go and give him the shirt in his hand, but they wouldn’t let me. The same day, the game ended, I was changing, I bent down to take off my boots and saw Ramón’s shoes that stood in front of me He wouldn’t get up and say: ‘Trotta, was that celebration for me?’ And I say: ‘Yes, everything for you.’ He said: ‘Oh well, I congratulate you.’ He shook my hand and it was”.

  • The defeat with Boca in the 2000 Cup. “Gallego was a very good coach. The first day he told me that he had to kick me out the day he arrived because a friend told me I had to kick him out, but a week later he told me that he was going to give me a chance, that I wasn’t going to trust his friend. He was not wrong with what he said about putting Enzo, if he made a mistake in something it was in the formation, we were all defenders, we went to defend 2-1 “.
  • His failed arrival in Boca for Macri’s honeymoon. “I was about to play in Boca, just before River. But the pass was not given because Macri was on his honeymoon in Italy with Menditeguy and he forgot to dial the phone. He was setting up Boca de Bilardo, I asked him to speak with Sensi, the president of Roma. But one day I went to the offices and they told me: ‘River bought his pass’. And I asked them about Boca and they told me they were calling, but no one answered. River put him to sleep. “
  • The parties with the Vélez campus. “80% of the Vélez team were all partiers and 50% of that 80% separated. It was a daily vacation. Afterwards, we all won. That is why that group was extraordinary. We invited Chilavert, if he came, he came. We already knew as it was. The issue was later, when I left, that in a game against River he fought with Gallego and he jumped to say that I was a cuckold. And if it was or not, I did not know. “

Trotta, captain of Vélez when he won the world final against Milan in 1994

Trotta, captain of Vélez when he won the world final against Milan in 1994 Source: Archive
  • The fight with Flamengo in the 1995 Super Cup. “Chino Zandoná was the spiciest. An animal, you could wait against anything. And in the fight against Flamengo in Brazil we fought with the police, I didn’t say anything to the players, but the police separated us and began to attack us. hit. I saw two or three colleagues of mine who were extraordinary: Chino, Compagnucci and Husaín, who hit. They had hit us a great ride. Edmundo and Romario were terrible. “
  • The day he fought with Marcelo Palacios and Profe Pellegrini. “In 1992 the people of Vélez and the partisan media did not treat me well either. Palacios and Profe Pellegrini worked in one of them. We finished playing against Talleres, in the last game of Manera, and when I get on the collective I start to see that there were journalists. And I said that if there were journalists I would not go up. And so it was. I stayed at the door and saw how the 11 came down, because I counted them. Right my place they gave to where they were standing and I acted arrogant and I kept looking at them, as if to say: this is my place. And Fat Palacios made a sign to me like the cross and told me that he was dead. When we arrived, I left, I went to look for him, and the Prof was there, he told me That Palacios was gone. And I told him that if he didn’t tell me where he was, I’d blow him away. The third time, I broke his glasses and opened his nose. I grabbed my bag and left. Ten years later I asked him for forgiveness. “.
  • The final of the Liberators of 94 with San Pablo. “There were almost 100,000 people, they were the two-time champions and the flags said three-time champions. At halftime, Raúl Gámez kicked him and turned the door to the referee and said: ‘I never saw a Uruguayan as shitty as you.’ And in the second time there was a very clear penalty from Pacha Cardozo, who took it down with his hand, it was go on, go on. It was the only thing that Gámez did well in Vélez, then he failed in everything. Today you go to prison if you do that.
  • Why don’t you go see Velez again. “I don’t go to the Amalfitani anymore, I don’t want to know anything more. I’m tired of apologizing for something that the kids don’t understand. I don’t want to have any more bad times. Velez has erased me. The genuine fan will understand me and he won’t hurt, is the one who knows that every time I went to the field I had to park at the Carrefour because they didn’t give me parking, because they made me enter through gate 9, they didn’t give me room to sit and I sat on the steps of the stalls Even when they invited me to the 25-year celebration: I didn’t go because the president didn’t call me. The president has to call me, not the secretary of the person who attends the gym. It’s disrespectful. “
  • The case of Mauro Zárate. “I don’t feel identified with Zárate, he didn’t win anything. I won everything. It’s very different. But I understand it. How can you not go to Boca? How can you not try to improve, play the Copa Libertadores and improve? If this is a job. “

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