Recommendations protocol for participants in the hunts

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Updated:01/10/2020 16:17h


The Spanish Association of Hunting Organizers (AEOM) has developed a protocol of recommendations regarding the Covid 19, to take into account in the celebration of the different hunts to be held this season in order to preserve and prioritize the health and safety of all participants in them – organizers, huntsmen and all the auxiliary personnel who participate.

Given the health problems that occur in a completely anomalous season due to the pandemic, AEOM has prepared said recommendation protocol, that will be delivered to all participants in each of the hunts, which must be strictly complied with to prevent possible infections from occurring.

Although hunting, and hunting in general, is not a relative risk activity because it takes place in the open air and individually, it is necessary to follow all the health prescriptions – distance, masks, disinfection, etc … – in the key moments in which there is contact with the rest of the participants in the hunt, raffle, breakfast, placement of stalls, lunch and meat meeting. Hence AEOM has developed this recommendation protocol that it makes available to all participants in the hunt.

These are the main recommendations of the Spanish Association of Hunting Organizers:

For the montero

– Be aware of the current situation, and understand that this will be a difficult season for everyone in which, by responsibly complying with health recommendations and regulations, everything can develop in the most similar way to normality for the benefit of everyone’s health .

– Always be provided with masks and hydroalcoholic gel, and you must always wear the mask at all times, and always maintaining safety distances in all hunting events, such as meetings, meat meetings, etc …

– Do everything possible not to bring companions to the hunts or the least number of them, in order to avoid that the capacity is the smallest possible and, in the case of being accompanied, it will always be recommended that it be by those of the family nucleus .

– In the case of presenting any symptoms of the disease, under no circumstances participate in any hunting.

– In the post and with the auxiliary personnel of the hunting, as secretaries, in case of having to travel in your vehicle to the post, it must always be provided with a mask, it will go in the back of the vehicle keeping the regulation distance and, during the development of the hunt, will keep the corresponding security measures mentioned above.

– Do not exchange or share any type of equipment during the hunt and, after each one of these, we recommend disinfection and cleaning of all the material used during it.


– It is recommended to communicate to all participants, whether they are huntsmen or auxiliary personnel, the protocol to follow during the hunt, as well as the commitment of compliance by all.

– Have a record of all the participants (there are official records of the communities) to have all the attendees located, it is recommended to keep this record for at least two months.

– Force all participants huntsmen or auxiliary personnel to wear their mask and maintain the distancing measures.


AT BREAKFAST: Whenever possible, it is recommended to do it outdoors, if it is done in a private room or establishment, it must always comply with the established capacity law, as is the case of the hotel industry.

– We recommend that the catering or breakfast be carried out by specialized companies and that they comply with all safety and health measures. Advising that said personnel have periodic tests for COVID 19 in order to guarantee the safety of hunters.

– During breakfast, the least possible interaction between the hunters is requested, as well as, if possible, that the tables be made up of people or friends from regular groups or from the same family nucleus, keeping the distance between these tables at all times.

IN THE RAFFLE: it is recommended that it be done outdoors. All participants will keep the distancing measures and will always be provided with a mask, so that only those who are named and in order have access to the draw table, having to use hydroalcoholic gel before and after having taken the draw envelope.

– After the draw, the hunters should avoid the least possible interaction with their companions, and it is recommended that they wait in their vehicles until the armed forces leave.

DURING THE HUNTING: If the hunter is alone or with someone from his family unit and outdoors, he may be without a mask. In the case of being accompanied by auxiliary personnel or secretary, the latter will always keep the safety distance and, in this case, all occupants of the post must be provided with a mask.

DURING THE MEAL: As with breakfast, it must have the same security measures and capacity as contemplated in the hospitality laws depending on the place where it takes place.

AT THE MEAT BOARD: We recommend that access to these be restricted and coordinated by the hunting organization so that an order of access to it is always kept with the corresponding security measures, having no relationship, or never coinciding with it, veterinarians, auxiliary personnel or hunters.

– During the configuration or placement of the campus, only the auxiliary personnel in charge of carrying out said work may be present.

– All meat boards will have a person in charge of restricting access and controlling its capacity.

– Once the meat meeting is presented, we recommend not taking group photos and that the presence of hunters is staggered.

– During the presence of butchers or taxidermists, no huntsman will be present on the campus, so that said personnel can carry out their duties without any relationship with the hunters.

– All organizers are recommended to deliver cattle markers so that taxidermists can carry out their work and hunters have to interact as little as possible. In the case that there is no taxidermist or the hunter wishes to take his trophy, he must keep an order of turn until his trophy is delivered.


– For many, this is their way of life, so from AEOM we ask for maximum understanding, collaboration and commitment in this atypical season.

– We recommend that all staff be provided with their own equipment, both a mask and gel, as well as we recommend to the organizers the maximum dispersion and coordination so that the auxiliary personnel in the different tasks, for their own protection and that of all participants, have the least interaction between them and the hunters.

– It is recommended that they are not present in raffles and, in the case of breakfasts and meals, an independent space is enabled or in the case of being the same space or room, it is in a different shift, to avoid the smallest possible capacity and interaction with huntsmen or other participants.

– We know that without auxiliary personnel being able to carry out this type of hunting, which unites us all, it would not be possible, but this season we must all do our part and never think that we want to discriminate against anyone, since from AEOM consider rehaleros, secretaries, bidders, guards or catering one of the most important parts of our hunting.

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