Virgil Van Dijk’s injury, and Jordan Pickford’s clumsiness, continue to be a subject of speculation in England, where in recent hours versions have been heard about the possibility that he has not only suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee .

Two sources, specifically, speak of a second consequence of the shock that the Dutchman suffered against the Everton goalkeeper, whom Wijnaldum did not hesitate to call “stupid” for that entry.

David Ornstein, from the prestigious medium The Athletic, explained that he has an unconfirmed version but that it could be correct: “I understand, it is not official, that the damage to Virgil Van Dijk’s right knee is perhaps worse than initially feared and it could extend beyond the anterior cruciate ligament. It is unfair to speculate more or give more details, but … I would say that we will not see Van Dijk return in a field until next season. Now he will be operated. We do not know when exactly. ” declared.

The ligament injury usually takes about 8 months, counting the medical and competitive discharge, but if there is something more, the recovery could be extended. What kind of additional problem would Van Dijk have?

Trevor Sinclair, a former England international, stated in Talksport that the way the defender and the goalkeeper collided suggests a very long absence: “When it comes to an impact injury, which was, we are talking about the anterior cruciate ligament, which potentially it could have damaged his posterior cruciate ligament and it could mean the tibia and fibula collided. If it’s either one of them, and not just the anterior cruciate ligament, then this could be much longer for Virgil Van Dijk to come back. I doubt that Let’s see the same level of Virgil Van Dijk … I doubt it was the same player. “


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