Paul George coveted by an amazing franchise!

After a see-saw end to the season and worrying rumors about his place with the Clippers, Paul George will spend a few weeks in trade rumors. And it starts strong!

Here are 2 consecutive seasons which end very badly for Paul George. After taking a missile from Damian Lillard on the head in 2019 and playing the bad loser, PG ended his 2020 campaign with a historic bankruptcy against the Nuggets, an epilogue of the individually missed playoffs.

Since then, rumors have presented the former Indiana as disrespected in the locker room, and if the high probability is to see Kawhi Leonard and try to fix their failure next year, several insiders do not rule out a departure.

If the Brooklyn trail has been stealthily mentioned, it is another that occurs via the New York Post. And as the name of the newspaper suggests, it’s about… the Knicks! Here is what the renowned Marc Berman writes:

The Knicks have the salary wiggle room for a highly paid player without giving the same total salary in return. New York thinks it has a lot of assets (including 7 first rounds of Draft in the next 4 editions).

Donovan Mitchell appears to be off-bounds for the Knicks as he intends to sign an extension with Utah, but Paul George may well emerge after his chaotic end of the season with the Clippers.

With PG, the Manhattan franchise would finally get back the big name and the star it so desires, even if George does not have quite the same coast as in his heyday.

Side Clipps, some young New Yorkers could be interesting for the rotation and the style advocated – we think for example of Frank Ntilikina. Above all, by recovering from Draft rounds, the Californians would repair the mini-suicide committed last year, when they parted with all their significant picks for the next 6 years.

The case is therefore far from being silly, even if we are only at the stage of rumors and nothing concrete has yet been done.

Instead of a peaceful off-season, Paul George will live in the anguish of being traded. After owner Steve Ballmer’s headlong following the loss, we can expect anything… And the Knicks know it.


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