Given the health contingency, social distancing measures and the lack of spaces to exhibit their work during the pandemic, the Oaxacan painter Doris Arellano Manzo, affirms that at this time he reinvented himself painting sports tennis shoes for the traditional celebration of Day of the Dead.

“The pandemic came, due to this situation the exhibitions stopped us. It affected us painters because we no longer have a way to show our work, because in an exhibition we really show all our creation, all the work that we produced for a certain time and suddenly everything stopped ”, he commented.

The artist said that she had to go back to looking for new ways for people to see what she was doing and to show her work.

“I love painting, I can paint you on a large canvas or in a small format, as long as you have me with my paintings, my pencils, my colors, I am delighted. The work of an artist is a bit of a confinement, we only go out when there are exhibitions, when we have to appear in public for interviews. By the time we create, we are locked in ”, he explained.

He also pointed out that you can use the same theme to paint sports tennis shoes, but no pair will be the same, since they are unique because they are made by hand and not with a machine, which manufactures each pair of tennis shoes in a similar way.

She indicated that as an artist she cannot stand still, while decorating the side of a sneaker with a dark Catrina and then surround it with multicolored flowers.

During the short time it takes the brush to get from the color palette to the new canvas, Arellano he is creating one of the images of his new collection Day of the Dead in sports tennis.

On the subject of his new work he explained that he took the Day of the Dead because the great celebrations and rites have been suspended in Oaxaca for a pandemic that does not give truce.

“With this I try to reinvent these customs of greater roots in the state together with me, in my own way and with great respect,” he said.

His work with sports tennis shoes and images of this festival, which is celebrated on November 1 and 2 of each year, considers it as something original, as it ensures that each stroke is unique and unrepeatable.

Disseminate the work

In isolation, necessary for an artist, Doris Arellano has found in his daughter Frida to the best ally to publicize your new tennis collection in the virtual world.

Professional of communication Sciences and knowledgeable about the management of social networks, Frida has helped to position his mother’s creative product and they already have a dozen orders on the theme of Day of the Dead.

The painter gave her daughter credit for the idea of ​​painting in tennis. His first foray was last July when he decorated some with the theme of the Guelaguetza, the cultural festival of Oaxaca which was suspended in person due to the pandemic.

“Everything that has to do with the computer is run by me, the page, all the publicity that is done, the diffusion that is made about the work, I take care of that,” he said. Frida.

He assured that they have been working together for a long time and for now they are trying to make their way on social networks.

“We decided to start putting more of it on that side and to disseminate the work, when the pandemic situation came, we looked for that way that all that publicity that is done when there is going to be an exhibition would not be lost,” he continued.

Doris Arellano describes her work as within the contemporary traditionalist current, which during the difficulties of the pandemic has been adapted in its accounts of Instagram and of Facebook.

“Each pair of tennis shoes has its specific characteristics, each one is different for some person. Each person who has a pair of tennis shoes is never going to find it exactly the same as another, we change the color or some detail of the tennis shoes, always made by hand ”, he pointed out.

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