That everything he says Novak Djokovic the three feet are always sought, it is something we all know but I find it curious that there are people who take offense (nowadays it seems that everything that is said will always offend someone) because the Serbian clearly expresses that he wants to be the best ever. It is as if Nole is prohibited from wanting to surpass Roger Federer Y Rafael Nadal. Yesterday, a few words from Djokovic to the press in Belgrade once again put him in the center of the bullseye for many.

“There are people who seem annoyed that I clearly reveal my ambitions, but I was not raised to pretend. There are people who like to do it, but I am not like that and I say it clearly, my goal is to be the best in history and I am working to achieve it “, the Serbian tennis player said yesterday, sincerely. If something can be given to Novak it is the fact that he has always verbalized what he thinks and never hides. He wants to be the best. He goes for it and warns everyone involved. What is the problem with that?

Many fans (I imagine Rafa and Roger) took advantage of these words to charge against him. Everything came in relation to previous statements, made last week where Novak Djokovic showed that his intention in Vienna is to add points that will ensure the number 1 at the end of this year and that would allow him to go somewhat more calmly to the Open of Australia 2021. The goal: reach Roger Federer’s current number 1 record for total weeks as number 1 in March.

We should applaud that a figure like yours is able to cross the line of “politically correct” and say something other than “I don’t pay attention to what others are doing, I’m happy with my career”. Make no mistake, Roger, Rafa and Nole, the three of them want to be the GOAT (although some of them throw balls out when asked about it) and of course they look at what others are doing and continue to leave everything behind to end with more records than its rivals in the Big 3.

The love for sport is very beautiful and it is true, because if they did not feel love and passion for tennis it would be difficult for them at their age to continue playing a sport in which they have already won everything and it would be very difficult for them to find motivation, but if they keep playing it is because they want to be the best in history. They are fighting for glory and it must not be hidden. There is no problem in saying no or wanting to hide it.

It is clear that in this battle of three, two will be left behind and one will take all the honors, but I would say that we have reached a point in this battle where defeat may not come into being. How could anyone feel defeated having the numbers that any of the three have? If they retired tomorrow, they would still have a career that many would dream of having only 10% of.

Do you seriously criticize Novak Djokovic for saying he wants to be the best?

And in this world that we are creating, where everyone is offended by what you say (this article will also get someone offended, for sure), it would be nice for people to reward someone’s ambition to be better instead of criticizing their desire to want to be better. I don’t want a society that punishes having dreams. Because if we’re screwed up enough, if they also take away our power to dream, I’ll get off at the next stop. And all this reminds me of a wonderful phrase from the movie ‘In search of happiness’ and that I see as perfect to close all this. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. If you have a dream, you have to protect it. People who are not capable of doing something will tell you that neither can you. If you want something, see for it, period “. Well that.


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