OM: until when will the League pay itself Payet? – season

The news fell on Wednesday evening, in the middle of the French team’s game or almost: Dimitri Payet receives two suspensions, plus a suspended sentence for his expulsion to Lyon on Sunday. A decision that has something to question. The Marseille playmaker is now a regular at the disciplinary committee which has him in the sights. Typical Marseille paranoid? Already, to put things in the context, there is no question of going so far as to cry over the red card received by the Marseille attacking midfielder on the Lyon lawn. Just take a look at the debrief part of the Talk Show, which you can find on video, to note the desire to remain objective. Yes, Stéphanie Frappart made the right decision, yes, the OM player should have controlled himself, demonstrated more experience a few minutes after the opening of the scoring, even if his fault was above all clumsiness. But being suspended for three games a posteriori is a bit strong. Most OM supporters are also moved, on Twitter or elsewhere, with a quick comparison.

Because yes, two firm games plus a suspended sentence, it’s a vicious way of presenting the penalty. Over the next ten Ligue 1 matches, Payet will not have to collect a yellow card, otherwise, automatically, he will take his third match. Why so much insistence? The origin may lie in the suspension match he took after the meeting against Lyon with Marcelo Bielsa, where he let his frustration escape in front of the referees’ locker room. He had been sanctioned after the fact, the commission having discovered his behavior … in front of the D + 1 program of Canal+ Monday evening ! A little less than three years ago, Payet also gave an interview to The team where he ensured that the arbitration in England was of much better quality, especially as regards the psychological component. Not enough to put the men in yellow in the pocket. The same evening, he collected a warning … for having advanced a ball too far on a free kick. There remains the report of Amaury Delerue last season where Payet took 4 games for getting caught with the referee following a clash with Montpellier. A month ago, before the match in Paris, when he was invited by a local journalist to calm down, Payet was still making Payet in his response: “I think it does not get better with age. The more it goes, the more I laugh. I was very happy not to be in Brest, I think that on the hand, I would have taken a yellow or maybe -be worse. I’m someone who doesn’t like when things aren’t going well, so sometimes I get out of hand. But honestly it’s complicated to work on that because when things aren’t going the way I want in the field I annoys me “. And in the end, it’s OM who will have to do without their leader.

What is OM doing in all of this?

OM elsewhere. Wouldn’t it be opportune for a club to step up and defend its player after another laughable decision from the LFP? The temptation is always great, like a reflex, to wonder if Aulas would have had the same attitude if one of his players was at this point in the sights. But, and this will not surprise many people, that is all Jacques-Henri Eyraud wants to avoid. The president of OM remains marked by the management of OM-Lyon in 2018 (3-2 victory for the Lyonnais with a goal from Memphis Depay in the last moments and a crowd after the final whistle caused by Marcelo, to whom Adil Rami replied). The Marseille club had stepped up to the plate, as Vincent Labrune was able to do in his time by rehashing all the Lyon irregularities (surprising, Anthony Lopes was still in the game). In the end, Rami and Marcelo had received the same suspension. So, the president of OM remains convinced that Aulas’ method is harmful in the long term. This was indeed seen six months ago, when the Lyon president was against the end of the championship. His vision on the possibility of taking over elsewhere in Europe, the consequences on TV rights, was good or bad, but, at the time, everyone saw only the speech of a boss who was thinking of the interests of his company . According to our information, the club is currently studying what can be done to help Payet. It doesn’t matter which way one is tempted to say. It is high time, and indeed high time, that Payet and the other Olympians were finally respected by the disciplinary authorities. It is up to OM to play, at the risk of having a difficult season.




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